Peter Kehoe of the New York State Sheriff’s Association gave an interview. He was not kind to the Governor of NY.

He slammed Hochul for unconstitutionally pushing through her gun rights infringement bill without following the states constitution. As we reported earlier nobody had a chance to see the bill before it was voted on. The minority party was reporting that they didn’t have a copy until the day of the vote.

The citizens of NY surely didn’t get a chance to weigh in on the bill before a vote was forced. Another S.A.F.E. act passed in the dead of night without citizen input.

Kehoe: I think pretty clearly the intent was to stymie lawful gun owners from getting their permits and that would be unconstitutional by the state.

Anne: Do you believe that that infringes on second amendment rights?

Kehoe: Sure. By creating a rule they can’t abide by.

NYS Sheriffs: New gun laws unconstitutional by creating rules impossible to follow

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One thought on “Even NYS Law Enforcement Understands Bruen”
  1. Once you get out of NYFC, the rest of the state is fairly normal.
    Just like Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Minnesota.
    90% of the insanity is contained in 10% of the state.

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