Everyday, we learn something new about the Thanksgiving night shooting of EJ Bradford in Hoover, Alabama.

An autopsy was performed and it shows he was shot three times in the back.  The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), the statewide investigative law enforcement agency in Alabama (like FBI or Texas Rangers of Alabama), has prevented the release of mall security camera footage until their investigation is complete.

This is starting to look like a bad shoot.

Keep in mind that other concealed carry holders were there with their guns out and were not shot.

Remember just a couple of weeks ago a Chicago police officer shot a security guard who had intervened in a shooing at a bar.

These are both terrible situations that require more investigation and training.

Both the mall shooting and shooting at Manny’s Blue Room were described as “potential mass shootings.”

We know that the best way to deal with a mass shooter is to go in and immediately engage the shooter.

It seems that – giving the benefit of the doubt to the police that the are in fact not Klansman looking to murder black people – the police responded by shooting the first person they saw with a gun, who just happened in each of these cases to be a good guy.

I need to point out that in both of these cases the good guy with a gun and the suspected mass shooters were black, and just how much of the shooting was motivated by racism vs. how much was motivated by a description of the suspect is unknown at this time.

Maybe, we need to tone down the response to a mass shooting just a little so that police can be certain that the person they see with a gun is really a mass shooter and not a good guy with a gun responding to one.

Instead, The Daily Show decides these incidents mean that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to black people.

There is no tragedy that can’t be use to justify stripping people of their rights.

Especially gun rights from black people.  There is little Leftists can’t stand more than self reliant black people, and a law abiding black gun owners drive them up the wall.

Of course, the cure for this is 100% the opposite of what The Daily Show advocates.

Make it clear to the media and public perception that there are law abiding black gun owners and black concealed carry permit holders and that “black man with a gun” can also mean “good guy with a gun.”

The Daily Show is actually pushing the idea that guns rights are not for black people so if you see a black person with a gun he must be a criminal because law abiding black people don’t own guns.

This isn’t funny and it makes the situation worse.

There are a lot of good lessons to learn from these situations.

“Black people shouldn’t enjoy the Bill of Rights” isn’t one of them.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Every Tragedy is an excuse to strip you of your rights”
  1. Wow. How racist can you get?
    And presumably this is yet another case of “racism is quite ok if perpetrated by progressives”, right?

  2. I think that’s the latest ‘thing’. Saw a video on FB from that ‘collegehumor’ site that was supposed to be ‘balanced’ about how ‘no one’ includes blacks in the gun debate. The first part was about how gun control is inherently racist but then when they talked about the pro-gun side, it went on about how the NRA ignored a few high profile incidents of shootings involving blacks. Since the NRA is the end all be all of gun rights.

    Same people that did that stupid ‘black panther’ video w/ the awkward white guys getting all tweaked when the ‘scary black man’ started talking guns.

  3. New campaign slogan: “Democrat Party, keeping guns out of the hands of Blacks for over 150 years”

  4. I’m starting to lean toward the “you’re not the sheep dog” mindset. That means if there’s a mass shooting going on, my first responsibility is to my family. GTFO if possible. Protect my wife and family. Fire on the shooter only if there is simply no other chance to get out alive. Above all, don’t pursue the shooter.

  5. First of all, it was not a “Chicago police officer” who shot the security guard. The incident occurred in Robbins, a suburb whose entire police department was once fired for selling drugs. (I think it’s improved since then.) The security guard was shot by an officer from Midlothian, a neighboring suburb. You can hate Chicago and the Chicago PD all you want, but don’t blame them for things they didn’t do.
    As far as what SIGraybeard said, many years ago I read where a shooting class had a mall-shooting scenario, and gave the students a choice of escaping or engaging the shooter. One person who chose to escape said, “My gun is for me. Everybody in that mall had the same opportunity to get training that I had. They chose to watch TV.” Cold, but true.

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