This is like the worst mash-up of Kafka and Orwell but it’s real life.

Loudoun County father who was dragged out of woke school board meeting and arrested was trying to tell other parents his daughter was raped by a boy ‘in a skirt’ in the girls’ bathroom and that staff ignored it

A Virginia father who went viral after being dragged out of a Loudoun County school board meeting and arrested for protesting its proposed transgender policies has now revealed he was trying to tell the room that his daughter had been raped by a boy ‘in a skirt’ in the girls’ bathroom.

Scott Smith was photographed on June 22 being dragged out of the heated meeting with his torso exposed in Leesburg, Virginia. The 48-year-old plumber was ridiculed on social media afterwards and was painted by the left to be a deranged, right-wing bigot.

But in an interview with The Daily Wire that was published on Monday, he explains that he was trying to stick up for his daughter, who he says was attacked at Stone Bridge High School on May 28 by a boy ‘in a skirt’ who took advantage of the trans policies to get into the girls’ bathrooms and assault her.

He said he exploded with rage at the meeting after hearing the school’s ultra-liberal staff claim they had never received a report of a sexual assault by a transgender child in the bathrooms or changing rooms when he says that’s exactly what he reported to them on May 28.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the incident to on Tuesday morning.

The school’s principal sent out an alert that day warning parents of what had happened involving Smith, but it said nothing of the sexual assault allegations in the bathroom.

‘We did respond. At the time, the juvenile was 14-years-old. He was charged with forcible sodomy. After that, it goes through the courts.’

At the meeting on June 22, Loudoun County School Superintendent Scott Ziegler said the school had never had any form of incident inside a bathroom or locker room involving a transgender child.

‘To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms,’ he said first.

Smith said he became irate. He started arguing with another woman at the meeting, labeling her a ‘b***h’ after she allegedly denied his daughter’s claim.

They were preparing for an October 14 court date, they say, but were stunned when the same boy was arrested again on October 6, at a different school in the same district.

On this occasion, he was charged with ‘with sexual battery and abduction’. In that case, he allegedly held a different girl in a classroom to attack her in Broad Run High School – 2.5miles from the high school where Smith’s daughter was assaulted.

Let’s recap:

The school board creates a policy thar lets trans students use the restroom of their choice.

A boy in a skirt follows this man’s daughter into the bathroom and forcibly sodomizes her.

The school quietly covers it up.  The boy is transfered to a new school.

He rapes another girl.

Smith, the father of the first victim, goes to the school board to confront them about their policy.  They deny the rape of his daughter happened.

He gets angry and get arrested.

Here is where it gets worse.

The arrest of Smith is prime example used by the Nation School Boards Association to the DOJ about the threat of domestic terrorism.

So quite literally, the NSBA got the AG and DOJ to designate parents as domestic terrorists in order to cover up how the Loudoun County school board policy for trans students led to the rapes of two teenage girls in two different schools by the same boy in a skirt.

This is a level of corruption and abuse of the people by the government that is hard to fathom.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Everything is more corrupt than you can imagine. Parents designated as domestic terrorists to cover up school board policy that protects rapists.”
  1. At some point, violence is the only possible response. I submit that defending my daughter from a rapist, and from the political hacks who would enable it for woke reasons would be valid targets of my rage. So yes, I believe that I *would* be in danger of being a domestic terrorist if that were to happen.

  2. As someone married to a transgender man (for nigh on 20 years now), father of two LGBT children , and who has a man been openly bisexual since puberty, I have a rather different perspective on LGBT issues than our hosts on this blog.

    But, let me be clear, I believe rapists should be prosecuted and (upon conviction) punished with the full force of the law. I don’t care about sex, gender, orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, or any other category group you want to bring up: Rapists should rot in prison.

    1. Ish, was the suspect truly “trans” or just using it as cover to allow his presence in the “girls'” bathroom (which seems pretty likely)? That has always been one of the sticking points for some of us in endorsing the practice.

  3. And, Ish, child rapists? I have no doubt that you have a *hard* spot in your heart for them.

    Myself, I’d contemplate a “GoFundMe” for bail for the rapist featured above, and a 1 hour head start over the father.

    And an unfilled “vermin” tag. For the dad.

    1. I have the same emotional gut reaction that most do, involving wood chippers and maybe a pay per view broadcast. I’m human.

      But, I try to temper that by reminding myself that part of the social contract of civil society is that we have laws, trials, juries, and penitentiaries for this sort of thing for the exact reason that most of us have the same emotional response. “Woodchipper go whrrrrr!” might be cathartic, but it isn’t a sound foundation for civil society.

      “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.” –Federalist, No. 51

      1. To be clear, if you ever make it to the NE, let me know and I’ll be happy to meet up with you and your partner for food, talk and range time.

      2. But what if the contract is breached?

        The dad in this case would apparently, from what we read, have reason to consider it broken.

  4. The community is prepared to crowdfund transition surgery of the alleged student perpetrator. Unfortunately due to budget constraints, anesthesia will not be provided.

  5. @ish, some good family friends in MD were foster parents and were some of the most loving and carrying parents I have ever met. They had adopted some of the foster kids which was very difficult and expensive for them, because they were a same sex couple, male.

    My first ex wife is “trans” but failed to meet the definitions of Johns Hopkins when she went for testing for gender dysphoria. What she is, is a scam artist who blames everybody else when she fails. She fails because: She’s transgendered, gay, native american (about like Sen. Warren is native american), single mother, female (Yes, claiming to be a man while a female and claiming that she was discriminated because she was a woman. I can’t follow the logic).

    Every person that I know that has meet her has the same sort of opinion, somebody that is abusing the system for her own benefit.

    The real issue is that people are people. Some people are very good. Some people are down right evil. When somebody puts on the mantel of LGBTQMNOP and can’t be criticized because of that mantel, that’s a big issue to me.

    When somebody screams at me because I called the person in front of me “she” because she sounds like a female, has boobs and acts like a female but wants me to call them “them/they” instead of addressing the debate point, then it is a big issue with me. I can’t talk to them, can’t discuss with them.

    And because there are evil people, they will take advantage of anything they can to do evil.

    There was a man I knew that use to freak out my lady. Why? Because we would be talking and waiting for the rest of our group to arrive and these long beautiful legs in nice shoes and a short skirt would come past the window and our heads would swivel to check her out. And you got to the top and it was a bearded man. He wasn’t trans, didn’t pretend to be trans, he just happened to like women’s clothing better.

    Deal with the people. Not the label. That’s where I currently stand on the issue. I don’t care what the label is. I care about the content of their character.

    Final, I know a few people that are transitioning from male to female. They never ever had a problem with restrooms. When they went in, they used the restroom like every other women. They sat down in the stall and did their thing, washed up, everything was just “normal”. They never looked or acted like a man so there was never an issue.

    The restroom issue becomes an issue when a man is pretending to be trans in order to take advantage of women.

    P.S. I know a women transition to male that is also just “normal” in the men’s room. No fuss, no issue, most people don’t know and don’t care.

  6. The main point here is that the school board creates a policy, a tragedy takes place likely as a result of that policy, and the school board sweeps it under the rug to avoid criticism of said policy. When they get called on it by the victim’s father, he gets arrested and characterized with the rest of the angry parents in general as a domestic terrrorist.

    He has a right to address the school board as he did, and no one should prevent him from letting other concerned parents know about it. So the trans kid was allowed to stay in school (different school) and raped again. So making sure justice is served gets undermined when liberals cover up these behaviors allowing additional offenses, while people like the victim’s father are outraged that things are not done to address these things, preventing them from happening again.

    When people feel like the system doesn’t work for them, violence becomes a possible response, as Divemedic mentions in the OP.

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