How did these activists get on this plane?

You can’t just get on a plane, you have to have tickets.

Who fronted the cost of at least two tickets just to get this confrontation?

Who knew which plane Senator Sinema was on in advance enough to buy tickets?

Why were the flight attendants not stopping this?

Have you ever taken too long to put a bag in the overhead?  Flight attendants will jump on your shit to keep the flight on schedule.

Here they just let strangers confront a Senator for a few minutes, standing in an aisle.

This wasn’t like the classroom video where it was a public restroom at a public college.

Everything about this video on a plane post 9/11 requires layers of forethought, coordination, lots of money, and violations of airline policy and the law.

Nobody seems to be talking about that.

Think about that for a minute.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Explain something to me about this video”
  1. Was this pre-take off? I couldn’t tell from the sounds.

    I agree that it’s suspicious if these people somehow had tickets for the same flight. As noted, you can barely get into an airport with our a ticket. Perhaps a leak in Sinema’s office….

    Also, is it wrong to say that Senator Sinema is nicely put together? I kept staring…

  2. I’d wondered about another aspect, and now Redstate is reporting that “The person who bothered her on her flight also was allegedly an illegal alien.”
    Er. How would an illegal alien get on a plane? What with Real ID and all?
    (I need to start identifying as an illegal alien. They seem to be exempt from all the restrictions imposed on citizens.)

    1. I’m not sure if the ReadID requirement is in effect yet. I also wonder if CA would issue RealID driver’s licenses to anyone, illegal or not. It would be the sort of thing you’d expect them to do.

  3. There’s another possibility which is equally disturbing, but for slightly different reasons.

    It’s possible that the activists knew Sen. Sinema would be traveling, and to where, and approximately when, but could not get the details on the specific flight.

    And so there are activists on EVERY flight going from that area to the destination on that day, and it’s just a coincidence that this lady was the lucky one to find her again.

    This possibility shows less “inside man conspiracy”, but shows much greater bank-rolling. Even given that between all carriers there’s only four or five daily flights between the major hubs, and hedging their bets by focusing on Sen. Sinema’s preferred carrier(s), if any, buying tickets to cover all those isn’t going to be cheap.

    The cost comes down significantly if we consider that this harassment could have been planned — and tickets bought — months in advance, and the topic for harassment was up in the air (no pun intended) until current events decided it should be the immigration bill.

    In any case, this is clear, organized, and ongoing harassment of a sitting United States Senator, which is not cool no matter who’s being harassed or who’s doing the harassing.

  4. I saw a bit of the bathroom one. Couldn’t stand it. I’d be up in their grill.

    But riddle me this? All this mewing about how it needs to happen and will help them?

    My ass.

    Anyone can see that this is just your standard democrat boilerplate to grease their friends palms. You’ll see all sorts of non-profits that helped them cheat flush with cash.

    I’d flat out tell them that the bill is dead to me now, your punk ass can forget it.

    The only result from this is she’ll get security, paid by us.

  5. Techiedude: I personally would expect that she would get security, but, since she is off the reservation , even if only on this one issue, likely means that she will be left to twist in the wind by the bigwigs in the party, as an example to the others.

    BTW, when I fly, I *always* bring a notebook (the paper kind) and several very, very sharp number 2 pencils.

    Personally, I plan to doodle and make notes on my Next! Great! Novel!.

    But, a carotid artery with a no. 2 pencil sized hole, will bleed like a faucet. A high pressure faucet.

    Or so my friend who was a medic in Da City, tells me……

    1. As was pointed out, AZ is a Constitutional Carry state. And Congresscritters can keep weapons in their offices in DC, since they are “special”. So she can protect herself in most places. The main problem would be the disarmed victim zones known as “airplanes”.

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