Fake News: They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

I saw a screen capture over James Wood’s twitter account, but I went to check myself and got my own:

This is why people sometimes want to address journalists with cue by four.

The editorial meeting at Slate for this article must have gone something like this:
“OK folks we tried stripes, Russians, pussy grabbing, racism, etc. Nothing sticks. What do we do?”
“How about we say he is some sort of retrograde dumb ass and he does not use computers?”
“Perfect! Who is doing Art today? Molly?” 
“She is out sick doing microagression recovery therapy. We have the unpaid intern on call.”
“OK, email him and tell him to pick any Trump picture.”
“As soon as it is done, I’ll text you with the article.”
“Don’t bother. I am just gonna spend the rest of the day doing liquid hops and malts at Rosie’s bar. Go ahead and publish it when you are done.”

4 Replies to “Fake News: They are not even trying to hide it anymore.”

  1. To be fair, their use of the plural “computers” isn’t completely disproven, as there’s only one computer in that photo.

    And I’ll bet he uses a .gov e-mail address…

  2. I wasn’t aware that the job of Leader of the Free World came with a tech use test. I was under the impression that what one needed to fill the job was LEADERSHIP, not l33t skillz.

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