These are the people who “are informed” and you and tell you what to think every night.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Fake News”
  1. This is hysterical. Lots of people don’t know how AR-15’s work, but most people know how shotguns work. Lying about this, fabricating stuff, it’s not going to work this time. That said, keep it up, Andrea!

  2. reminded me of that old blue collar TV skit. It was like an anti-shotgun choke; you shoot and it would go all around hitting everything around and even behind you,

  3. I really want to reject the notion that the Left is completely ignorant on the topic of firearms and so her comments are motivated purely by malice.

    However, we have examples like Joe “two blasts in the air” Biden, so I will have to give Andrea the benefit of the doubt.

    She is either dumber than a bag of rocks and hence unqualified for her job or she is evil and un-American in her quest to disarm us. Neither is flattering.

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