Hagar has a post up this morning. I’ve got an article in progress, but I need to finish out some work related things before I can finish my GFZ post.

On the mostly good news, I was able to track down my citeserver issue(s).

Here’s an example citation: [xCite item="LPGQXCDT" para=7 pos=2]. This says to add a citation to that particular item with a locator a ¶7. All well and good.

The problem is that the form that I get my data isn’t quite right. It is a little bit off. I was working on fixing it when I found tools that would do it for me. Of course, they didn’t work. I fixed them.

From there I was finally getting citations. One of the big reasons for this is to allow me to use Id. and short forms easily. That part wasn’t working.

Back to the supplied code. After three days, the debug output showed me that I was getting the correct answers. Just like the documentation told me to expect.

And while looking at the provided code… They are throwing away all the excess results. Even though my code was producing the correct results, their code was throwing it away.

That’s been fixed. I have citations doing most of the correct things. What’s left for me to do is to fix up the actual citation description to work correctly for GFZ. I’m getting there.

The amount of work I’ve invested in this might seem out of keeping for the return, but it is a pain trying to do all the correct copy paste. This just works.

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By awa

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  1. My internet GFZ world is better with you in it. Play on maestro, play on. Sounding better all the time.

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