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  1. I could never convict someone solely on the basis of a witness identification.

    When I was in high school and would go to the mall (this was the ’80s), I regularly encountered folks who would say “Hi, Rick!” and talk to me as if I knew them. My name’s not Rick, and I didn’t know them. However, I did know the Rick they knew, as we’d been on a YMCA team. On that team, our coach, fellow players, and other kids’ parents would get us mixed up. I thought it was amusing then, but now it’s ominous.

  2. Wow, I always knew memory was fallible but I didn’t realize it could be manipulated that much. I also note that Ms. Ford is a psychologist who allegedly coaches people how to take ‘”lie detector” exams. Are we living in Philip K. Dick’s “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” world?

  3. Loftus was a great researcher and has a huge body of work detailing the fallibility of memory. Defense lawyers should know this backward and forwards. Prosecution lawyers intentionally don’t even bring it up.

  4. I think Dr. Lotus would have some interesting commentary about Ford’s recent testimony before the Senate. IIRC, it was only after ‘therapy’ that the memories of ‘sexual assault’ were recalled and the ‘attacker’ identified. First I heard of Dr. Loftus was in a class by Mas Ayoob on judicious use of deadly force. Was very relevant in that context as it is in the Kavanaugh context.

    Tell me again why we should ‘believe all women’ (or men either) …

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