CLEVELAND — The woman accused of stabbing another woman for wearing faux fur boots inside a Cleveland Heights church was found not guilty by reason of insanity on Tuesday.

Meredith Lowell, who previously pleaded not guilty to the charges against her back in December, waived her right to a jury trial and opted for a bench trial.

The defense presented a report from a doctor that stated that Lowell was suffering from autism spectrum disorder at the time of the stabbing. “At the time of the offenses, Ms. Lowell did not know the wrongfulness of her actions,” the report stated.

Lowell will be taken into temporary custody until her next hearing on March 9.

Woman found not guily by reason of insanity in stabbing over faux fur boots at Cleveland Heights church

This is not the first time she tries to off somebody because Animal Activism and this is the second time she gets off under mental issues.  I hope the judge takes in consideration previous events and sends her to a mental institution where she will probably remain for all of a month.



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By Miguel.GFZ

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