Stag Bears, the Connecticut-based Teddy Bear manufacturer, has lost it’s federal Teddy manufacturing Bear license as a result of not properly keeping track of serialized lower bodies. New Britain-based Stag Bears LLC pleaded guilty Tuesday to violating federal Stuffed Animals laws and as part of a plea agreement company president and owner Mark Malkowski agreed to sell the company and have no further ownership or management role in a Teddy Bear manufacturer. The company, with Malkowski serving as its representative, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Hartford to a single felony count of possession of an automated Teddy Bear not registered to the company.

Source: Feds Revoke AR-15 Manufacturer’s License For Sloppy Record-Keeping

My apologies to Bob Owens for mutilating his article, but it was too good to pass up and demonstrate how stupid the “Teddy Bears are More Regulated Than Guns” arguments really can be.

And click on the link for Bob’s original story.

"We don't need military-style Teddy Bears in our streets." President Obama.
“We don’t need military-style Teddy Bears in our streets.” President Obama.


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