Finally! Brady Background Checks are useless (Via WaPo)

If you lied to buy a firearm, fear not the feds.
Your chances of being prosecuted by the Justice Department for falsifying information to illegally buy a gun are almost zero.
Reviews by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in fiscal 2017 led to 112,000 gun-purchase denials because people were in forbidden categories, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The Justice Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) investigated 12,700 of those cases.
How many of the investigated cases resulted in prosecutions?
That’s 0.09 percent of the cases ATF investigated.

Lying to buy a gun? Don’t worry about the feds.

I think I have been asking since I started this blogs the same question: “If the Brady Background checks have stopped 2-3 million prohibited persons from buying guns, where are the 2-3 million prosecutions? 

The GAO’s report said U.S. attorneys “generally do not accept and prosecute denial cases that do not involve aggravating circumstances, as these cases can require significant effort for prosecutors relative to the short length of punishment and may offer little value to public safety because the offender does not obtain the firearm, compared to other cases involving gun violence.”

Allow me to translate: This cases are not politically sexy. They do not help get promotions nor allow you to rub elbows with the Washington elite, therefore we don’t prosecute them. They are a waste of time.

Calling the dearth of prosecutions “shocking,” the Brady Campaign’s Gardiner said she agrees with Sessions that existing federal gun laws should be enforced.

Ya think? Enforce the law that has the name of your founder in it? But I am going to throw a wild guess here and say people in the Brady Campaign knew this was going on a long time ago.

The article mentions ATF saying they need more funding, more people and the usual bureaucratic bullcrap. Guys, we know it is BS. You have a felon entering a gun store that probably has video surveillance plus the people working there as witnesses. You have the individual filling and signing on his own hand a form 4473 which states the penalties for trying to buy a gun as a prohibited person and you are telling me that a slam dunk case with direct evidence and witnesses needs more personnel and more money to make it? Holy crap, any defense attorney will tell you to go ahead throw yourself at the mercy of the court.

Gun Control is never about the guns and all about the control even if it means never enforcing the laws.

Hat Tip Rob R.

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  1. “Gun Control is never about the guns and all about the control even if it means never enforcing the laws.”


    But progtards won’t admit it and will continue to bitch about wanting new anti-gun laws, which is all about their anal-retentive need to be busybodies.


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