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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. LMAO. I live in StL and that’s the best one I’ve seen yet!
    Notw, the shame of the situation is you got a bunch of low life’s creating chaos, and instead of diffusing it all, you got a bunch of cops who went overboard, and local politicians sounding like idiots, and a mother who’s son was shot by a LEO.
    So, we still don’t know how many times he was shot. Or why he was shot if the kid was running away?
    There is no way in hell the officers name will be released as soon as it should have been.

    Morons starting a riot, most who are NOT residents of the area.
    Morons who bitch and demand an investigation, which is impossible if the cops are busy with looters.

    Idiots who think stealing car tires, rims, hair extensions, and setting a gas station on fire are justifiable actions cuz a BLACK kid is dead.

    The most vile, racist comments you have ever seen or read in your life, most of which are made by the same folks who think protesting is a good idea because blacks are treated unfairly.

    Most of the morons are bitching about a white police force and mayor, in a 67% black town. Well guess what, these same folks haven’t seemed to grasp that the police can only hire those who apply to the academy, duh, and who in the hell do they think voted to elect the mayor? Another duh!

    Then come the LEOs in large numbers, before the violence started, with blocking the street. After, we’re up to I don’t even know how many different PO depts, and rubber bullets, in full SWAT gear, and pepper spraying people, who were in their own backyard, behind a privacy fence. Then, threatening martial law, curfews, no fly zones, and arrest and detention of protesters and media reporters!

    What kills me, is these same idiots are the ones screaming about how the cops are outfitted and all the “miltary” equipment they have, are bitching at me (and folks like me) cuz I’m a conservative and been trying to get the point across of WHY I’m a 2A supporter, this is a perfect example! These idiots are too busy being carrying, life long members of the Race Card Society, and want to bash whitey and the NRA. Yes, on several occasions the NRA was blamed for all of it. Can’t imagine how, but it happens and was repeated quite a bit.

    Two things about this which infuriate me are one, this is in no way helping Michael Brown’s mother. Anybody set up a fund to help her pay for a funeral? Offer to help her, see what she needed? Bring her a crockpot of chili, doubt that she’s in any shape to cookfor her family? Cut her grass? No, no, no, and no! And the other is the people accusing conservatives of being the bad guys, and how all this is our fault cause we’re racists, are the ones hurling the racial insults and making all the racist comments. According to this bunch, it’s OUR fault folks got it so bad at the hand of unfair treatment, that’s these kids are just boiling over with frustration and that justifies all the looting and chaos.

    Well, guess what? I’m frustrated as hell that I get accused of shit I didn’t do, have to pay for others peoples lack of planning and piss poor life style choices. And am then required, since they demand it, that I am supposed to understand and sympathize with this kind of behavior. It galls me to no end that anyone is expected to think that just because I know WHY some dipshit did something, said dipshit expects me to condone it, say, ‘there,there, it’s ok’, and then let them get away with it!

    Just a bunch of mamba-pamby, kum-ba-yah, everybody gets a trophy just for showing up (sometimes, anyway), bullshit!

    Ok, so that’s the report from the greater Stlouis area, including Ferguson Riots.
    Thanks for putting up with me,
    Donna g

  2. Glad to see this making the rounds, and H/T to Donna for emailing me about you. Keep up the good work.

    Write Winger

    1. Hey, glad to see you found it. Loved your ad man, hopes it gets voted “best of” on craigslist stl!!

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