Hitting Disney where it hurts: Florida GOP threatens to strip Walt Disney World of its right to build anything it wants inside its theme park as feud over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill escalates

Some Republican legislators in Florida are considering punishing Walt Disney World for taking a public stand against the so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill by repealing a 55-year law that allows the company to govern itself.

Florida House Rep. Spencer Roach tweeted on Wednesday that lawmakers held two meetings this week to discuss revoking the 1967 Reedy Creek Improvement Act, which he said ‘allows Disney to act as its own government.’

Spencer, a Republican, added: ‘If Disney wants to embrace woke ideology, it seems fitting that they should be regulated by Orange County.’

The 1967 act, which was signed by then-Gov Claude Kirk, a Republican, created the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which encompasses about 25,000 acres in Orange and Osceola counties.

After DeSantis signed the bill into law, Disney released a statement, saying: ‘our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts.’

DeSantis responded to Disney’s new stance on the law by accusing the company of being dishonest and hypocritical.

‘You’ve got to wonder why is the hill to die on to have transgenderism injected into kindergarten classrooms, or woke gender ideology injected into second grade classrooms. Why is that the hill to die on?’ he asked in a Tuesday night interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

The old conservative principle of free enterprise was based on the assumption that corporations would try to make customers happy.

Ostensibly, that would require corporations to be relatively apolitical or politically neutral, so not to offend and drive off customers.

Michael Jordan, perhaps, said it best when he was asked why he avoided politics: “Republicans buy shoes too.”

But woke capital doesn’t try to avoid offending customers.

Woke capital uses their near monopoly power to bully customers while avoiding offending the extremist minority of activist employees that cause hell on social media.

That, obviously, means they are political.

Of corporations are going to be political then a political response is justified.

If a corporation is going to put its weight against a political initiative, its totally acceptable for the politicians to push back.

I’m glad Ron DeSantis gets that.  The old conservative free market approach doesn’t hold up when the free market is stacking against you.

Disney deserves to be punished.

Hopefully woke corporate America sees this and realizes that trying to appease the fringe employees over the customer base and popular politicians is too costly to do.

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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “Finish them!!! This is how we win.”
  1. Hear! Hear!

    Disney execs are welcome to run for office to change the laws.
    When you try to climb up to the podium simply by buying a ladder, rather than getting voted there, you deserve to be thrown over backwards before you climb up.

    Make their stupidity painful, and they’ll stop.

    Step Two: Tax them, and use the funds for traditional mainstream education.
    Make them pay through the nose to oppose themselves, and they’ll STFU, and go back to running an entertainment company.
    Call it the “Stay In Your Lane” law.

    If they want to relocate to Minnesota or Massholia, let ’em.

  2. Simple solution? Fook’em till their nose bleeds and they shut down the playground. Immediately take the entire setup through eminent domain laws and sell it to someone that wants to welcome everyone.

        1. @EN2 SS: I see John’s point.

          Besides people abandoning Disney products and services while being vocal about it (like the tiny fraction of employees that ‘protested’), what else might work?

          As has already been reported, removing the breaks and perqs from the State might get their attention.

          Using State force to, um, encourage behavior sounds nice…until your group is at the other end of that encouragement. (See: WA magazine ban, NY’s attempt to shut down the NRA).

          Just my $0.02.

  3. I gave up on the parks when they started searching customers for firearms while telling them that they’re on their own for protection from attack.

  4. My take:

    When Florida passed the Reedy Creek Improvement Act in 1967, they created an implied covenant: We’ll let you do what you want with the land you control, and in return you won’t get involved with political issues that don’t affect you.

    The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) is breaking that covenant.

    They don’t get to have it both ways. They don’t get to use their tremendous resources to affect political issues unrelated to their business, and then expect to be left alone to operate that business with no regulatory oversight.

    With TWDC breaking their side of the covenant, the State of Florida no longer has to abide by theirs. TWDC is opening itself to the full weight of business regulation that for the past 55 years it has largely not had to deal with. (I’m going to guess there’s no small amount of taxation they’ve been exempted from, too.)

    If they are ideologically consistent, TWDC won’t fight the law’s repeal, because as we’re told constantly, “Firearms manufacturers are the only corporations in America who can make their own rules and are exempt from government oversight and consumer protections.” Ergo, repealing RCIA ’67 shouldn’t affect TWDC at all, amirite?

  5. Pass an expansive School Choice Law. The federal, state, and 1/2 the local tax money follows the student. Public School, Parochial School, Private School, even Home School.

    1. A legislator in Alabama was wanting to pass a law that basically gave $5k of the money allocated to the student to the parents to use as they saw fit for gov’t school, private schools, or even home schooling expenses. You can imagine all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that caused within the teacher’s unions and the bought and paid for politburo types. I’d be all for it because that would pay for our private school tuition and offset all the property tax money that I have to pay in (60%+ of the vehicle and land property taxes go to a school system here that I detest). But no, the gov’t schools and their minions believe they’re entitled to my money . . . and damn them to they’ll for it.

      1. The republican governor of Nevada made this happen. The democrat governor of Nevada defunded the mandate and the democratic socialist legislature drove a nail through its heart. The people of Nevada were all for it but Nevada is owned by the Reid machine.

  6. “Pick a side, and you are along for the ride.”

    It does not make any difference if it is Disney, Twitter, or Mike Lindell and his pillows.
    I know Mike understands this, and is happy with his choice.
    Disney and Twitter keep trying to have it both ways. No wonder why they are despised by both sides.
    I hope that the Left boycotts Disney as hard as I will

  7. Crony capitalism is not free market. Disney had a sweet deal that other businesses envied but what they did not have was a free market deal. Just ask Universal. Now they will and they’re going to find out what it’s like to face consumers without protectionist legislation.

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