First Orwell now Kafka

For years we’ve seen the Left take Animal Farm and 1984 and use them as a how to manual.

Orwell is not the only political satirist who the Left reads and says “that’s a good idea, we should do that.”

Franz Kafka is now on that list. The Trial is my favorite Kafka book.

It is the story of a man, Josef K., who is arrested and tried by a unidentified goverment agency for an undisclosed crime, and in a total perversion of justice, every argument for his defense is turned into evidence of his guilt.

The Trial is where we get the name for a type of logical fallacy, or argument in bad faith, called kafkatrapping.

Kaivan Shroff is a Democrat political activist.  He sent out a Tweet which was retweeted by Fred Guttenberg, which was then retweeted by David Hogg, which is how I found it.

Read that

Now read it again.

Do you understand it?

Having evidence of your innocence is solid evidence of your guilt.

You: “I didn’t do it, I have an alibi.”

The Left: “Only a guilty person would think about having an alibi.  Guilty!”

We are approaching a the cartridge box fix at breakneck speed.  Once this perversion goes from court of public opinion to actual court, or in the case of Kavanaugh, a hearing, justice in America is doomed.

The courtroom will become a Chinese Finger Trap where the more you fight to prove your innocence, the more the prosecution says that proves you are guilty.

Supporting free speech makes you a Nazi.

Believing in equality under the law makes you a white supremacist.

Providing evidence of your innocence is evidence of your guilt.

They have turned every principle of our foundation upside-down.

This is a purely evil as things can get.

5 Replies to “First Orwell now Kafka”

  1. If the Dems actually manage to torpedo the Kavanaugh nomination, then they will have effectively won. No one Trump nominates after this will ever see the bench unless that person is approved by the Dems.

    The Republicans have the votes, the ball is in their court. If the turn-coat RINO’s cost us this, people aren’t going to forget.

    Either way, imagine what this country is going to be like in another decade. People wonder why I buy so much ammo.

  2. He had a list of 65 women because it is now standard practice by Dems to accuse every male GOP figure of sexual harassment during the critical times of their confirmation or election process.

  3. Giving the classic American sign for “OK” means you’re a white supremacist, because some weak-minded drama queens read something on line.

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