It’s a nice cool morning.  Thought I’d mow the lawn.  The gas can was empty so I went to Harris Teeter (NC subsidiary of Kroger) for gas.

The pickup was empty too so I figured I’d kill two birds with one trip to the pump.


A pickup and a lawnmower cost $89.02 to fill with regular pump gas.

Fuck Joe Biden.

Fuck that senile pudding brain old pervert.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “FJB on a Sunday morning”
  1. We here in the communistwealth of Va. are double screwed @ $3.19 a gallon. Thanks to both President houseplant and no good Northam.

  2. “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

    Wonder if that will rank up there with “Lafayette, we are here!”, and “Remember The Maine!”, as cheers during future festivities?

  3. No worries, pretty soon you won’t be allowed to use the mower (see Ca.) so that will get in down to 80bucks.

  4. Here in the commiewealth of Pennsylvania, regular gas is 3.45/gal in most places. I thought I did very well yesterday to fill at 3.29. Thanks to our (former) pseudo-R governor, we had the highest gasoline tax rate in the country, although NJ might have come close or surpassed us in the last year or so. Corbett could probably have won a second term, enabling us to have a nominal R governor along with our supposedly majority R legislature when all that shit accumulated here last November, if not for the Penn State crap with the gay assistant coach, and crap like the gas tax hike. Instead, we’ve been saddled with Wolf. He ran as a “business man,” but, as we all know, Ds tend to revert to party and type after the election, and he probably wasn’t a lot more successful in business than a former governor of Texas I could name….

    Trump won in PA in 2016, almost certainly only because the Ds in Philly didn’t know how much to cheat, and, therefore, didn’t cheat enough. In 2020, they knew they’d have to cheat enough that it’d be obvious, so they didn’t care how obvious they were.

    But I digress. Gas is damned expensive here, entirely because of government action. And the tax rate increase was supposed to go to repairing the roads, but, as we expected, we might as well have been talking about the money for levees and pumps in New Orleans….


  5. At least you’re under $3 per gallon.

    Average in Oregon is about $3.40-3.50. Your 29 gallon fill would cost well over $100 here.

    That’s not all Gropey Joe’s fault — Our Glorious Governor and her lackeys in the legislature rammed through a gas tax increase — but he’s not helping anything either.


  6. The latest spin coming out of DC is that the shortages and bottlenecking are actually good because of Biden revitalizing the economy so much, the logistics can’t keep up. Therefore we need the gazillion dollar infrastructure bill to pass to fix it all.

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