Florida: Assault Weapons & Magazine Ban plus AWB Registration Bill sent up to subcommittees

Time to start working again.  The links will take you to the subcommittees’ pages and the list of members where you can click and contact them.

HB 455 (2019) — Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines:

Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Justice Appropriations Subcommittee
Judiciary Committee

HB 553 (2019) — Pub. Rec./Personal Identifying Information of Assault Weapon or Large-Capacity Magazine Possession Certificateholder

Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Oversight, Transparency & Public Management Subcommittee
Judiciary Committee
Criminal Justice Subcommittee

All the bravado energy I have seen, can very well be spent starting here and contacting everybody in the subcommittees’ plus your local politicos if they are not in it.

And no, saying that you have a rep or senator who is virulent anti-gun and won’t change his/her mind so you won’t bother is a cheap excuse. Bother them, make them see that there is in fact an opposition and it is faithful to the Constitution. Shake their beliefs.

We need to go Herod on these bills and have them killed in their infancy.

PS: Include Senate President Bill (Bloomberg’s Bitch) Galvano in all your emails and calls. So far he is the confirmed RINO of this session.


One Reply to “Florida: Assault Weapons & Magazine Ban plus AWB Registration Bill sent up to subcommittees”

  1. I have two democrat pro gun control reps in my district, and the only way to change their minds would have been to have them aborted just before they were born.

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