Florida: Guns in Parks

A back-to-school backpack giveaway in Titusville was interrupted by gunfire Saturday.
Authorities said a man who was involved in a fistfight at Isaac Campbell Park left and came back with a gun.

The park wasethe site of the backpack giveaway involving dozens of kids. When the man began shooting, a bystander, who was licensed to carry a firearm, fired back, wounding the shooter.

Man who fired into park during backpack giveaway shot by bystander, officials say

I still remember when we were assured by the Opposition that there would be massacres of little children if we allowed Floridians to carry in public parks. As it turns out, it was a Floridian legally carrying a gun the one who stopped kids from getting hurt. And it was an event full of children, here is a long video of the event, but the shooting starts at 8:30.

At least the way it is being announced by media is improving, although Old School is still making the rounds:

I am truthfully amazed that Good Guy With A Gun made it as a headline.

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  1. That’s only about 5 miles from my house. The local news station mentioned the gunfire last night but NEGLECTED to mention that a CCL holder ended the threat. Imagine that…… The whole report was about how we needed to stop the violence. At least they didn’t go full stupid and talk about ending the “gun violence”, so I guess there is that.

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