Florida: SB 654 – Transfers of Firearms (Univerasal Background Checks and Confiscation)

General Bill by Book
Transfers of Firearms: Requiring transfers of firearms to be conducted through a licensed dealer; requiring deposit of the firearm with the licensed dealer under certain circumstances; providing for disposition of the firearm if the licensed dealer cannot legally complete the transaction or return the firearm to its owner, etc.

I don’t have to go over the UBC being crap thing again, but it is this section that I just noticed and worries me for the potential it has to screw people over.

If the buyer is denied, the seller has to go again with a background check,. And if it erroneously comes back as denied, he loses the gun because it has to be turned to the Sheriff within the next 24 hours. Appeals are taking 3 months or more as I well know and suffered.

This is a roundabout confiscation scheme, plain and simple.

I almost forgot the text of the bill

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