Does he teach exclusively gay kids?

What about the kids who don’t want to learn in an explicitly queer space by a 6 foot, 6 inch queer with a giant pride flag on the wall?

What does he teach and how is that influenced by his explicitly queer space?

Sure, his students know he’s queer but did they learn absolutely anything else?

Any and all identity politics brought into the classroom should be a fireable offense.

Especially grooming.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “For the millionth time, students should not know their teachers’ sexuality”
  1. if “Teach” needs affirmation from his students, he is in a pretty bad state. A change of employeers might be in everyone’s best interest.

    And, by the way, what was the age/grade-level of his victrims (er….students)? Sounds like a weirdo trolling for kiddies.

  2. I am a bisexual man in a same-sex marriage to a transgender man. Our home is not an “exclusively queer space.”

    This is yet another one of those progressive activists that has confused their sexual orientation for a personality. He’s made it the sum total of his whole identity. I guarantee you, he has no hobbies or interests that aren’t somehow or another connected to his being gay.

    Did he go to the movies this weekend? No, he went to an LGBT film festival. Did he go out to eat last night? Yes, at a POC-owned gay bar. Does he play sports? Yes, on a gay men’s softball league. Favorite books? Queer romance by queer authors. And so on and so forth.

    1. Ish, I have to say thanks for that perspective, after having read your comment, that makes total sense. And as McFee said, you’re living life while this person is marinating in his identity.

      I have issues with folks who want to rub your face in their agenda all the time. This guy could just be a queer teacher and that would be fine, but is he championing his issues in what he teaches? This is just another potential problem within the larger progressive establishment in general.

    2. this reminds me of a classmate who complained that she was only known for being a lesbian, but would always steer conversations in that direction

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