Formerly Great Britain: Right Wing Terror “threats” worse than actual Islamic Terror.

Islamist terrorism remains the biggest threat facing Britain – but the country is at growing risk from right-wing fanatics, the UK’s terror watchdog today warns.
Max Hill QC, Britain’s independent reviewer of terror legislation, used his final report to warn that the threat from extreme right-wing terrorism is now ‘considerable’.
And he also warned that sectarian violence in Northern Ireland continues to pose a risk after it surged in recent years.
Mr Hill said the right-wing terror threat has grown as part of a backlash against the bloody Islamist terror attacks on London and Manchester last year, which killed dozens and injured many more.

Britain faces a growing threat from extreme right-wing terrorism which has surged in the wake of last year’s attacks on Manchester and London, watchdog warns

So the Brits are pissed off at being targets of “refugees” and they are branded by the Government as Right Wing terrorists without having to do nothing but being upset.

This is a woke report. The institutionalized thinking on the British Government is to avoid being seen as racist even if the price is having your citizens dead, your culture dissolved and your county become a caliphate.  What I had not thought about it is that the IRA may be re-assessing its use of force against the British government. Let’s face it, it the Brits were this much of a pussy in the 70s against terrorism, there would be Guinness on the tap for free available at the gardens of Buckingham Palace today.  It may be a thing in the future because if it becomes a fight of IRA vs Islamic assholes, my money is on the Irish.

Helluva thing if the savior of the Empire turn out to be Ireland.


6 Replies to “Formerly Great Britain: Right Wing Terror “threats” worse than actual Islamic Terror.”

  1. If there is indeed a rise in the right wing, they are surely ignoring the cause — the rise of Islamism. If the latter were not on the rise and being kowtowed to, there would be far less reason for the former to become stronger.

  2. To be fair–they have moved so far to the left, EVERYTHING is “right wing” from their perspective. Santa Claus is a right wing extremist from their perspective.

  3. Surprise! Surprise! The British Government is actively spying on its “right-wing” citizens.

    Do you have any doubts that the British GCHQ and MI-6 were also actively spying on that notorious Right Wing American Demagogue, Candidate Donald J. Trump, and sharing the information with their fellow travelers in the US Government? We already have the names of some of the British cut-outs, Steele and Misfud.

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