Welcome to another Friday!

It was good to see that people voted for what they wanted to hear about. I hope my BP article was what y’ll were looking for.

Anything you would like to hear about, just let us know below.

J.Kb. has offered to write some technical geeky stuff about metals and guns and things. If you all don’t give him some prompts I’ll be forced to take advantage of his knowledge. He is a sharp one. Much sharper than I am.

Lots of things going on in the courts, more updates are coming.

Have a great weekend all.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. BP post was terrific! The metallurgy articles are always interesting. Thoughts on spare parts/kits & sources for AR, Glock, & Sig platforms would be appreciated. Something like “Gunsmithing kit XYZ has all the oddball tools for full disassembly/reassembly of many ARs, and spare parts kit ABC from Acme guns covers parts that wear out most frequently. Midwest Gunworks is a good source for non-zon stuff etc. JoeBob’s Gunsmithing YouTube channel has some good vids for barrel replacement, gas tube repairs, etc etc.
    I have also appreciated being kept informed on various cases.

  2. Filed away the BP article, thanks. Would like to have J.Kb. address the .40 caliber pistol round assertion throughout the gun community, that claims the .40 caliber destroys ‘all pistols’ faster than any other pistol caliber. Is it true, what proof and data exists, and just how much damage does in fact occur? Is it enough to warrant abandoning the caliber?

    On a personal note, on this subject, I tried this caliber for two years and compared it to a 9mm and a 45 cal. and concluded that I could shoot both the 9 and 45 more accurately than the 40…when under duress. The groups were not as tight or consistent for me. I haven’t researched the .40 caliber volatility factor, and would like to know if it is in fact true for just polymer frames or all frames?

  3. I like the stuff on gun laws but they tend to wander to TL:DR territory. I know a short post takes a lot more work, but I ordinarily get a few paragraphs in and then check to see how much is left. And it’s not like I generally put up short, couple of paragraph, posts. Summaries of the more important parts or decisions are good. Example: ATF puts out a hundred pages on “readily converted” (80%) personally manufactured firearms (PMFs) and says they’ll define what readily converted means. They never do. In my opinion the definition is, “if it’s convenient, it’s illegal.”

    Tech stuff is always good. Don’t have any black powder guns or supplies and a new hobby isn’t in the cards, so today’s isn’t relevant to me, but there’s always posts on any blog that are “don’t care.”

    1. Really? The wander to TL;DR? I thought they made a beeline to TL;DR.

      I’m going to attempt to add a B.L.U.F. to those longer articles moving forward. Thank you for the feedback.

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