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10 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. I personally am liking the site so far. Maybe more funny posts would be good. The main reason Im here is yall post a variaty of subjects and I can read or not read as I choose. And Im building the Pedochipper 7000, mounted on an up armored D9 heh heh heh…. Keep the faith yall.

  2. As far as ‘doing things better’, I think you’ve all got that covered–just the right balance in subjects with J.KB. manning the heavy artillery and putting rounds on target, Miguel and AWA in the sniper’s nest picking them off from a damn long way out.

    Now as to orders for a Pedo-Chipper, I believe there are far better tools which would get the desired results without having to use a tow vehicle. And the mess afterwards… thanks. I prefer a cleaner solution to the problem.

    Favorite ‘way’ to carry my EDC is loaded with one in the chamber at 1:30-2 o’clock.

    Having shot both the 45-70 and the 7.62 x 54 many years ago, I believe I remember the 45-70 had the more impressive attitude.

  3. My favorite carry is We the People kydex inside waist holster. Full size 1911. Yes 5 inch with 10 round mag and 2 spare 10s I had a Bianchi IWB leather from 1986 to last year that finally (!) wore out. Luv the kydex, no sweat rust. Behind the hip carry. And somedays I carry TWO 1911s, one on each side.. 45-70 to me is a liitle worse than 762×54 but manageable. Springfield trap door only one I shot so Im no expert. And watching that yuge chunk of lead hit is mesmerizing..

  4. Interesting read I found- the Out of the Ashes series by William Johnstone. Written in the 80s. Lots of parallels to what some want to do today to We the People. I ll shut up now.. heh heh

  5. I carry 9 oclock OWB – I don’t daily carry though – I work in a courthouse.

    Question though – What are thoughts on upgrading a Savage 111 in 30-06. I’ve used it for killing helpless woodland creatures for about 15 years or so. Kills deer good. Anyways. The budget doesn’t really support buying a new rifle right now, which is what I’d really like to do ( a left handed bolt in either 308win or 6.5cm). But I’m debating with swapping the factory plastic stock for something like an Oryx chassis. Is it worth the money? At some point I would like to try a PRS match. I know 30-06 isn’t the hot caliber for it, but hey, it’s what I’ve got.

    1. Nothing wrong with an 06.. 6.5 is hard to come by, at least here. Changing stock is a good step. And good optics. 15 years you prob know it well.

  6. Appendix carry, carry piece varies. Have a holster for a glock 19 style piece that I don’t like, so it doesn’t get as much carry time as others. Too bulky. It’s “folded” and not 2 pieces of kydex fastened together. Judging by a recent email, the manufacturer recently got bought out by aliengear.

    Need more range time…. Don’t want to shrink the ammo stores as I look ahead. Has anyone used the coolfire trainer and able to provide input?

  7. My deer rifle is a Remington 700 in 7.62×51 Nato with a Nikon scope on it. The first time I took it shooting I learned it did not have iron sights. The second time I took it shooting and got it zeroed in I was having fun shooting the primers out of shotgun shells.

    It was only a 50yard range but they had blocks of wood at the end and we would take the discarded shotgun hulls and line them up with the mouth facing the firing line. Then shot through the mouth of the hull and it would normally center punch the primer.

    I’ve used that same rifle to take a deer at over a 500 yards.

    There is nothing wrong with 30-06 for a deer rifle. Though today, because of the dense woods where I hunt, I’m more likely to use 45-70 in a lever action or 30-30 in a lever action.

  8. In re an earlier post-laughing gas is a serious matter.
    EDC is a Springfield XDm 10mm 4.5″ in an Alien Gear Old Faithful hybrid IWB , modified for more cant and permanent leather loops. It looks like they don’t make that model any more. And I do mean every day.

  9. The best appendix holster I own is one I made by riveting a j hook to a desantis pocket holster. Havet found an appendix holster anywhere near as comfortable or flexible as that.

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