We opened up the shop to the world, and this might actually work.

J.Kb. has some items to ship, and I have one to ship. We’ll get them out shortly.

The patches are estimated to be delivered from the embroiderer September 29.  Shipping will begin the first week of October.

We had a request for PayPal. I got rid of my PayPal account years ago when they became extremely anti-gun. For you, I’ll look into it.

The New Mexico Governor’s “I get to say when the Constitution applies” Emergency order with attending Public Health Order was stopped in its tracks.

It is so bad over there that the New Mexico Attorney General refused to provide a lawyer for the case. In all the cases I’ve been following, this is the first one where the state had filed no paperwork before the first hearing.

Instead, the Governor sent his office’s lawyer.

The governor named Holly Agajanian, an attorney most recently with the firm Hinkle Shanor LLP, as general counsel of her office. Agajanian has extensive trial and courtroom experience representing public entities, corporations and individuals in a wide range of matters. Having earned an undergraduate degree from the University of California at Los Angeles and her law degree from American University, Agajanian holds an AV Preeminent Rating from Martindale Hubbell, the highest peer rating for professional excellence in attorneys.

I have not seen a transcript nor an audio recording of the hearing. I do not know what was said. I did read the clerk’s notes on the hearing. It doesn’t sound like the state put up much of a fight.

On the fun side of things, I got to actually help on the case. The NAGR v. Grisham case had a new filing today by the plaintiffs (good guys). The lawyer who filed it had a finger slip. He was asking for a preliminary injunction and accidentally wrote a Temporary Restraining Order.

I noticed and fired off a short email to him asking if he had made a mistake. He replied almost instantly with a “Thank You”. I expect a new corrected filing tomorrow.

Yes, my arm hurts from patting myself on the back.

Miguel suggests “Don’t Break The Perimeter” for swag.

Hagar is putting together some images for the different donation products.

Any suggestions you might have, please let us know.

If you are interested in shirts, what size? Polo or T-shirt? Polo with or without pockets?

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By awa

11 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Content across the board has been exceptional, but that’s 99% of the time the norm here. Shirts, with pocket but am fine without, and wear XL with shoulder holster and XXL with belt holster. Hats/Caps, must be able to be Florida compatible, mesh baseball or trucker styles.

  2. I’d go t shirt over polo. Large. Stickers 🙂 coffee mug? Don’t break perimeter is a good one, it would be hilarious to see it on a “live, laugh, love” type sign with the same font
    Technical issue. Since opening comments again I don’t see reply under other peoples comments, just get the new comment box at the bottom. Firefox mobile, android. Librewolf and Firefox on Linux.

    1. I see the reply to box on mobile, Android 10 using Vivaldi (Chrome-based) if that helps. (And I can recommend giving Vivaldi a try if you are getting frustrated with Firefox.)

  3. T-shirts, please. Polos are for aholes trying to be casual but looking business professional. What a farce. I’ll take a T-shirt, and actually be comfortable, thank you very much! I personally prefer black for tactical reasons….

  4. Oh yeah, GFZ hats would be cool too… FL compatible? ok, I guess… up here in the PNW we have to deal with rain, and wool in nice 🙂 bui I’ll play nice with the gator trap down in the SE.

    1. Since B.Zh is going to ‘be cool’ with mesh vent caps and hats for the Florida Man, it is worth noting that three months out of the year the Florida Man needs a PNW type head covering when the temps get ‘unbearably’ frigid below fifty degrees.😎

  5. Shirts in tall sizes or a generous KNOWN vertical measurement – your customers may not all be abnormally tall, but a lot appreciate being sure their belt-mounted items stay covered or their tucked-in shirts stay tucked.

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