Citrus County Fire Rescue told the Citrus County Chronicle that the driver of the Hummer had just filled five-gallon cans with fuel at a local gas station before the fire broke out.

Hummer Carrying Gas Caught Fire in Florida, Injuring 1 (

No reason yet why it caught on fire, but I am going with a bit of spilled liquid inside a vehicle driven by a smoker. Fumes is what kills ya.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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7 thoughts on “Gas Shortage Idiots: Florida Man Strikes!”
  1. Been waiting for this story, and others like it. From the plethora of stupid gas storage pics, there has to be a lot more of this happening. I wonder how many houses are going to burn down because of this idiocy.

  2. Or some sloshed out and found its way to the exhaust system.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see more stories like this, especially from the ones who put the gas in what look like grocery store veggie bags…

  3. Or he was to fucking lazy to take the cans out of his vehicle to fill them. And got “just a little bit” on back carpet. Which is enough when you are talking about gasoline.

    I’m sure J. Kb could do the math for us, but there is a scary amount of energy stored in gasoline.

  4. Hauling things that could go boom or have a runaway exothermic reaction is one of several reasons why I had an external hitch rack when I drove a glorified station wagon, sorry, SUV and two ABC fire extinguishers mounted in the car.

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