Trump has an almost superhuman ability to say exactly the wrong thing on camera. It’s uncanny.

Holy-fucking-shit-balls, really?

I’m not a hypocrite, I stand by my principles.  I will admit that I agree with Trump.  Readers of this blog know of my seething hatred for Leftist Jews who give credence to the worst antisemites out of intersectional wokeness.

Every time some Lefty Jews stands next to a Palestinian activist and says “I think Israel is an apartheid state/Netanyahu is Hitler/Israel acts like Nazis/etc” what that are doing is giving Jewish support to Jewish genocide.  Because as we all learned from Antifa, is that if someone is a Nazi it’s okay to hurt them and all it takes to identify someone as a Nazi is to call them that.

As a Jew, you don’t have to like Israel.  You don’t have to go there.  You don’t have to agree with the Israeli government on anything.

What you shouldn’t do is legitimize the antisemitic conspiracy theories and accusations leveled at Israel or Jews in general by vicious Jew-haters who only want to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.

If you can’t do that and feel a compelling intersectional justification for Palestinian terrorism, you can very kindly go do an impression of someone who agreed to testify against the Clintons.  Because what you are doing is risking the lives of other Jews.

All that said, for Trump to use the word “disloyal” and all the antisemitic baggage that goes with it, was fucking stupid.

What that does is it allows people like Ilhan Omar, and all her of supporters and followers to say “Trump is the real antisemite, Ilhan is just an innocent victim.”


My honest to God opinion is this.

Trump is perhaps the most inelegant President to hold office since the invention of the live broadcast.

But I don’t think he is, deep down, and antisemite.  He says stupid shit because he fires off his mouth before he’s fully engaged his brain, but I don’t think he’s a real Jew-hater.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and the Woke Left are true, dyed in the wool, antisemites.  They hate Jews.  You can see it in the way that they manage to blame the Jews for everything.

But that distinction doesn’t matter for people whose deepest thoughts are about as deep as a puddle of piss on a men’s room floor.

Trump said it so now Omar and Tlaib are off the hook for everything they have ever said.

Some on the right might try and accuse the Left of hypocrisy but that is a pointless exercise.  Being a hypocrite means having principles and standards and holding others to them while going against those principles and standards yourself.  The Left is nothing but hypocrites with double standards because the only core principle they have is the acquisition of power.  Holding principles and standards is only useful in hobbling opponents by holding them to said principles.

What the end result of this is, is any headway that could have been made by pointing out the virulent antisemitism of the far Left is gone.  Wiped away.

This is, for most people, now just a way to dig at opponents, mainly on the Right.  Every Republican is going to be forced into a struggle session to denounce Trump over this and any mention of Omar and Tlaib, who are real threats to Jewish survival, will be dismissed at whataboutism.

We are now in a world where the Progressives can literally shove Jews into gas chambers and all they have to say is “but Trump said this” as a distraction.

This is a fucking shitnado and we’ll be lucky to survive it.

I’m going to buy more ammo.

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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “G*d dammit, how could this sh*t have gotten any worse This is how.”
  1. I saw this discussed on Fox (Special Report) last night. A comment on it, from a Jewish organization whose name escapes me, interpreted the “disloyal” as “disloyal to themselves”. That sounds more reasonable, but he did not actually word it that way.
    “Inelegant” is a good concept here.

    1. I suspect he meant disloyal in the sense that they are disloyal to their nation, considering they are supporting people who hate Israel, hate that it exists, and hate the Jews living there. Trump is a Nationalist, I would be inclined to interpret that statement accordingly.

      Besides, Trump could produce a picture of Tlaib and her granny wearing Waffen SS uniforms and the rest of the Democrats would still accuse Trump of being an a racist or some other “…ist”.

      1. Also, remember that the motto of the enemies of Israel is “the little Satan first, then the Great Satan”, and the US is the “Great Satan”. Israel’s enemies have declared they’re also our enemies — supporting them is disloyalty.

  2. I recently left a (fairly right-leaning) Discord server over an argument with an absolutely *raging* anti-semite who, when called out on the fact that he was worsening the very problem he was complaining about, proceeded to call me names and make rather gross derogatory statements that I shall not repeat here.

    I thought the left were lying when they said the right were anti-semitic. I have since learned that I was wrong.

    1. Make no mistake. There are Jew hating assholes on both sides. I don’t think Trump is one of them.

      The issue is that the Left will never call out the Jew hating assholes on their side because they cover their Jew hatred with a veneer of Social Justice.

    2. Huh? You had an argument with one guy and from that decide the entire right is antisemitic?

  3. Trump is NOO YAWK CITTIE through and through.
    Decades of that and no actual training in how the facade of ‘chivalry and decorum’ in war to the knife – in the back – and knife to the hilt of the bloodsport of modern politics and international diplomacy is played and you wind up with his ‘inelegance’.

    I think it’s not that he doesn’t knows those ‘rules’ exist, but that he has purposefully decided not to play by them.

    A lot of people voted for him precisely because he wasn’t a standard operational politician.

    The problem is two fold as I see it.
    One, the rest of the world still hasn’t grasped this and is constantly surprised when his public manners with foreign dignitaries is off key. and
    Two, I think he still hasn’t grasped the fact that as The President Of The United States™ he is the 800 pound gorilla in the room and the gorilla commands the most powerful military force as well as being the leader of the most powerful economic force on the planet.

    His ‘inelegance’, his speaking a lot of times off the cuff in his own ‘shorthand’ without apparently thinking of second and even third order effects, can scare people, friend, neutral and foe alike.
    In business, that isn’t all that dangerous. In national and international politics? It has the potential of being lethal.

  4. Your sensitivity to Trump’s word indicate some people learn their history while you live in it As a gentile I did not see what you saw in his choice of words. By railing against it, you made it an issue when it was not for most people
    Obama lied with elegant words, Trump speaks the truth with brutal words Which would you rather have ?

    1. Never give your enemies weapons to use against you.

      I don’t think Trump is an antisemite. He did use language associated with antisemitism, which gives his enemies weapons to use against him.

      There are ways to question why Jews would still vote Democrat that doesn’t have the baggage his words have.

  5. Uuummmm Trumps DAUGHTER is married to a Jew and she converted after they married.
    Radio show The Howie Carr Show played this clip and MANY Jews called in and said it is not antisemetic. He says things that are true and the left goes batshit crazy.

    1. I said that I don’t think Trump is an antisemite. Just that he used language that has a lot of baggage and did himself no favors.

  6. J.kb,

    Here is another take,

    “Now that said, the imbroglio we find ourselves in centers around the word “disloyal.” It was perhaps the wrong word to use but I completely understand what he was getting at, as evidenced by the above paragraph. Actually, I think most people did as well, except of course for his enemies. The disloyal meme is a classic anti-Semitic trope that smears Jews for allegedly having secret anti-American allegiances to the war-mongering child-defiling, weather-controlling, economy-tampering, Christ-killing Elders of Zion in the Fortress of Solitude somewhere on 13th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn.” [giant sarc tag].

    “But in using that word, the President has forced the party of slavery, Jim Crow, infanticide in the service of eugenics, actual concentration camps and totalitarian tyranny that stood by the four shambling sacks of bile, estrogen and ignorance collectively known as “The Squad” as they intentionally smeared all of America’s Jews as “disloyal” to now have to disavow that word – all because the President used it. Heh.”

  7. Inelegant? What about the founder of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson. His administration makes for lurid reading as well.

    I agree with your closing statement. Whenever Demoncrats start making their outlandish and ignorant statements, when the Blood Dancers are performing I go to my safe space and buy more ammunition.

    1. Andrew Jackson was a real piece of shit.

      The difference seems to be that the inelegance of other Presidents was captured in their personal correspondence which rarely went public.

      In this day and age, because of live TV media, when a President that makes a bumbling statement in front of the camera, the entire world hears it inside of 30 minutes.

      Trump is not good at shooting from the hip. W Bush wasn’t either. But W Bush also didn’t feel the need to comment on everything.

      A Republican President, knowing that the unfriendly media is going to drag everything he says, should be extra careful with his words.

  8. I think this discussion can be summarized as “Trump is a good guy, but at times he use words that the opposition can use to make it seem otherwise”.
    True indeed. Then again, in many cases when the opposition grabs his words and runs with them, they run too far and end up looking even more extreme than before. At this point I’m sure that Trump often aims for that outcome. It may well be this was such a case.

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