This is the product of being saturated online and having no perspective of the real world.

I’m a materials engineer. Materials engineering is consistently in the top 5 salaries for batchelor degrees.

It took me having a PhD, PE with eight years experience to break $100,000 in salary.

Mid career salaries for engineering (20 years experience) is about $150,000.

A $650,000 salary is a senior partner in a law firm or medical clinic with 30 years experience experience.

These women have no idea what men of their contemporary age make, except for the tiniest fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of terminally online influencer bros.

Social media was a mistake and a generation is broken.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Gen Z woman are broken”
  1. You’d love my HR Lady. Makes 100k a year per the last raise cycle makes more than anyone except the three directors.

    Social media and popular media (Big Bang Theory, any horror movie, or whatever other TV show) showing young couples in a McMansion or multiple suite apartment sure looks better than a two room with the neighbors walking with lead shoes.

  2. My question is: How come they do not expect making that amount of money themselves without having to depend on a husband to provide for them?

    They become the caricature Victoria women were supposed to be: Shallow uneducated porcelain dolls that need to be kept in a glass container and only used for pleasure and procreation.

    Feminism is dead and a weird guy is wearing its skin and make up while drinking Bud Light..

  3. Not just social media! Keep in mind the relentless propaganda pushing “male privilege” in general and the “wage gap” in particular.
    Anyone absorbing the propaganda will believe that all men are powerful and have high-paying jobs… with the exception of anyone you meet in the real world, who’s clearly a loser.

  4. Social media…isn’t… it creates and exasperates jealousy and envy. I would HATE to have to look for a long term maté nowadays.. fake shallow plastic gold diggers…plus the fear of gettin one home and finding out its built like you..

  5. I have to ask, because Gen Z is… well… insane. Are you sure these are even women?
    OK, humor aside. In reality, this is the inevitable outcome of too many reality shows, too much social media, and this new “I can be a millionaire without working because of social media.” over the last decade or so. Crap like “Real Housewives of….” and “Keep up with some women with huge backsides” has provided a whole generation of women God knows how many false impressions about the world.
    The bad part is some poor schmuck will get a fancy for one of these women, and go bankrupt trying to give her everything she wants. Divorce and a lifetime of poverty is on the horizon for anyone unlucky enough to date/marry one of these girls. Unless they are able to get them to see reality.

  6. I think this was also a product of all those [insert extremely long and poetic string of profanity] home buying shows.
    There was one I saw probably 15 years that, to this day, is like the white whale to Ahab for me. I was a baby engineer (who ended up with one of the lowest starting salaries of my graduating class due to the industry I chose to work in) and had just scraped together a down payment and bought my first house. One day I saw one of those House Hunters shows and there was some couple who were newly graduated engineers looking for their first house . . . with a budget that was 5-10x what I had just paid for my house. And the casualness that they just threw around absolutely obscene numbers for a “starter house”, it’s seared into my memory to this day.
    I think a lot of kids grew up with with parents constantly having the middle-aged homeowner p*rn channel (HGTV) on and that also contributed to a skewed sense of reality of what people actually make and can reasonably spend on things.

    1. Thats a very good point too. “He’s a recreational dog walker. She does free tarrot readings and puppet shows for blind children. Their budget is 500k and they want something walkable downtown.”

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