Making the rounds in the Internet is a report by General Barry R McCaffrey (Army retired) about the Mexican Drug war and the US influence in it regarding the supply of weapons. I won’t dwell on the absurd details and conclusions of the report, instead I’ll leave that in the capable hands of Rich Grassi of Tactical Wire.

Out of curiosity, I decided to do a research on the names that appear on the report. After 2 hours of Internet search, I find out that the report is only mentioned in a couple of small media outlets (which is weird for an event that happened with so many important people) and there is no mention at all in U.S. or Mexican press of the event actually happening at all! I went in deeper doing a news search of each individual member of the Mexican delegation mentioned in the report and although names match with the positions attached to them, none appear in any U.S. or Mexican Media sources before, during or after the dates that the alleged forum occurred.

This is very strange if not very suspicious. If General McCaffrey is telling the truth, how come there is not one single journalistic report on the meeting? You don’t get this many important people for an open meeting of this importance without at least one little blogger finding out and reporting about it. The other possibility is that the meeting was secret and the parties wanted to meet in private to discuss the Mexican situation. But if so, why would General McCaffrey publish it in his website knowing well that somebody would pick it up?

So we either have a beautiful scribbling of fantastic nonsense or a huge breach of security by General McCaffrey. Either way, for somebody who states in his company’s website that  “provides strategic, analytic, and advocacy consulting services to businesses, non-profits, governments, and international organizations.” this report is very bad advertisement.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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