Leonardo DiCaprio loves mega yachts.  He is known for throwing lavish, celebrity filled parties on mega yachts in the Mediterranean.  He spends his summers on chartered mega yachts cruising around the south of France.

The Obamas too, enjoy lavish mega yacht vacations.

A 71 meter super yacht burns about 500 liters or 130 gallons of diesel an hour.

The yacht the Obamas love to party is on 138 meters, and DiCaprio’s favorite yacht is 141 meters.

Employing basic scaling factors, DiCaprio is easily burning close to 1,000 liters or 260 gallons per hour of diesel during one of his parties.

I drive a Ram 2500 with a 6.4 Hemi.  I’m averaging 11.3 mpg according to my dash display.  I drive about two miles to work each day, and 6 miles to the gym.  I’ve had my truck for about 10 months and have a hair over 4,800 miles on it.

My last truck was 15 years old and I just broke 100,000 miles when I gave her up.  Did I mention I hate long commutes?

So I was doing about 7,500 miles per year, in my old truck and 5,000 miles per year in my new truck.

At 11.3 mpg I’m going to burn roughly 440 gallons of gas this year.

That means I will burn in one year as much fuel volume as Leonardo DiCaprio burns in one hour and 45 minutes.  He burns more fuel over the course of a champagne brunch in the summer than I do in a year.

But, I’m the asshole who is causing global warming and have to be forced into compliance.

This is why so many people on the right don’t take well to the climate change “debate.”  DiCaprio can spend his summer on a mega yacht but has the audacity to tell working and middle class Americans that they have to cut back or the world will end in 10 years.

Yeah… no, and fuck you too.

Just like with the gun control debate, this isn’t about the actual topic at hand, it is just another way to impose control.

They can have armed guards because they can afford them, or they can bribe the officials or donate to the politicians to get their permits, we poor schmucks can’t.

They can fill their swilling pools during a drought because they can afford the water use fines, but working and middle class people have to shower every other day and wear our clothes a couple of times before washing them, we poor schmucks can’t.

They can enjoy super cars, mega yachts, and private planes, because they can afford them, but we will be taxed into poverty to fill up our F-150s.

What else are they trying to do?  Take away our meat.

How far will you go to reduce your beef intake?

In October, a landmark report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that we have 12 years to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, or we will face devastating consequences.

The target is feasible, it says, but only with “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.” This includes a global dietary shift away from greenhouse-gas-intensive foods such as beef and toward healthier and more sustainable diets.

What does that mean?

But changing a diet isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve come up with a guide to reducing your beef consumption, for all varying degrees of commitment.

Now that they have tried to take away my dream truck, they are going after my burger?  Oh, hell no.

Leave it to the Germans to take this oppressive political ideology of climate change totalitarianism and turn it into a crime against humanity.


From Bug Foundation, the makers of this evil:

Probably you have already heard about me, as lately I was on television and in the newspaper quite often. I am Germany’s first insect burger and very glad getting to know you today. Wanna know what is within me?
I am made of Buffaloworms, a very nutritious and sustainable kind of cultivated insects, as well as selected vegetarian ingredients. I am rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids and I am up to 100% free from artificial additives.

Without wanting to sound arrogant, I am proud, that many people say I am extremely attractive and incredibly well tasting…
but it’s the best to simply convince yourself.

Germany’s first insectburger contains the following ingredients: 45% rehydrated buffaloworm-soyprotein (60% buffalo worms Alphitobius Diaperinus, 40% soy protein concentrate), water, rape oil, onions, egg white* (dried), tomato concentrate (tomatoes, salt), soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), mustard (water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, sugar, spices), potato starch, spices, salt, lemon juice, parsley

No no no no fuck no.  I refuse.

A burger patty should contain exactly two ingredients: cow, salt.

You know DiCaprio and Obama aren’t going to give up their gourmet steaks cooked by Michelin star celebrity chefs.

The French burned down Paris over a carbon tax on their gasoline.

You go right ahead and tell people in the BBQ belt that we have to give up burgers and brisket or that it will become prohibitively expensive because of taxes, and we have to eat mealworm meal and soy concentrate instead.

I dare, just fucking dare, the politicians to force this on the United States.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Germany commits another crime against humanity because of a totalitarian ideology”
  1. Regarding this whole “climate change” brouhaha, which is just another excuse for trying to control our lives, I will say this: until them scientitists, politikritters, woke and elite dbags start leading by example (have you eaten your bug burger today, Mr. Macron? Sorry PETArds, no fuel for you as you’ve used your allotment for the month), they can kiss the darkest part of my caramel behind.

  2. It’s bad enough it’s made of 60% insects, but the rest is 40% soy and that’s implicated in causing all sorts of thyroid problems, mostly in women. I’m willing to bet that if you know 5 women, you know at least one on thyroid hormones.

    This is just the alternative to the meat tax. Maybe make the meat tax more palatable.

    Besides the fact that it’s all bullshit and their software has fallen flat on its face. None of them predicted the 18 year pause in the warming. Some leader in the IPCC even admitted on the record it was all about wealth transfer.

  3. I note that with the statists well know penchant for lying even they couldn’t add to the virtues of the “Bug Burger” that it tastes “Just like beef” or even that it tastes good.

  4. Sorry gents, this time you are wrong. My burger patties are a mix of ground beef and ground pork and also include green onion ranch seasoning, minced onions, and several tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. All perfectly MANLY ingredients.

  5. And once the control freaks of globull governance have convinced all of their koolaid drinking followers to eat bugs exclusively, some fringe elitist will declare that the BUGs are endangered and can’t be harmed. Which of course will trigger the globull population reductionalists into a frenzy.

    It’s best to start start the winnowing process now, by providing the leftists with ‘free’ helicopter rides……

  6. “You know DiCaprio and Obama aren’t going to give up their gourmet steaks cooked by Michelin star celebrity chefs.” Nor are they giving up Waygu beef or Chilean sea bass. It was rather telling when senior Democrats sneered that $1,000 in tax cuts was barely enough to buy a dinner out.

    OT- one of my favorite hamburgers is served at the Lae Yacht Club. Real beef patty, topped with bacon, fried onions, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, beetroot, and mayo. Right Aussie style.

  7. Ya know, i just luv this “reduce the tempature by 1.5 degrees” sheite… last summer it hit 100 degrees here, yesterday it was 5, FIVE!!!!!! For those who cant do math thats 95 degree reduction. REAL scientists tell us the earth is cooling. I havent seen too many plants thrive at 5 friggin degrees. And this CO2 crap is tiring. We get rid of all co2 and the earth DIES. No co2 no oxygen. No oxygen no life. Take yer insect burger and stuff it

  8. Don’t knock it till you try it. Lot of bacon on burgers, might as well have the pork on the inside. Station does it like that with ground bacon. For meatloaf, I do the same mix of meat, and the onions, but the bigger difference is that I add eggs, bbq sauce, water, and a package of savory herb stovetop stuffing. Then I form them into mini-loaves with a piece of colby-jack cheese inside and top them with various sauces according to our wants. My wife wants honey mustard, I like good ol classic ketchup. For meatballs, I do similar but I replace the basic ground pork with ground italian sausage and sometimes put mozzarella cheese bits chunks inside, but not all the time, and don’t top them.

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