Getting those calls about the Primary Elections.

I am getting called almost every night to answer polls. And I love the fact that some of those polls are not quite polls but not-so-well disguised political advertisement.

I just finished with one of those “polls” brutally slanted towards the Democrats. I decided to have fun with the answers and the “poll taker” must thought he was dealing with the re-incarnation of Pinochet. One of the questions was memorable:

Poller: If a candidate refused to not only support a ban on “Assault Weapons” but also attacked Parkland High School Survivors, what would be your choice: Very likely vote for him, somewhat likely vote for him, somewhat unlikely vote for him or very unlikely vote for him?
Me:   He attacked Parkland High School Survivors?
Poller:  Yes he did.
Me:  Fuck yes, I am more likely voting for the sumbitch.

Hey, it is cheap fun!

2 Replies to “Getting those calls about the Primary Elections.”

  1. Should have kept asking: “Really? Physically attacked them? Damn! That’s what I want to see! None of this mild criticism they’ve gotten so far — they deserve a harsh paddling and six months locked up at home!”

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