Many of these restaurateurs are naturalized citizens or the children thereof.

They are Americans who cone here for a better life.

Now, stupid Leftists are engaged in a digital program against them because they serve the food of their heritage.

This doesn’t do anything to stop Putin but it does make stupid Leftists feel better about themselves.

If this continues, Biden is going to sign his own EO9066.

Somewhere in hell FDR is laughing.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Give Leftists the opportunity to have a pogrom and they will”
    1. The big difference? Naturalized Russian/Ukrainian citizens are adamantly anti-socialist/communist.
      See. Makes perfect sense.

  1. So it’s bad for Russian immigrants to keep their traditions but we are supposed embrace the traditions of the illegals passing over our southern border while rejecting our own traditions?

  2. I think we need to adopt some Islamic country traditions, like cutting the hands off of the shoplifters in San FranSicko..
    Or maybe bring back public stocks and a taste of the cat o’ nine tails.

    If the guy who shoved shit in the face of the gal in the subway knew he was gonna get 5 lashes, you really think he’d have gone through with it?
    (Not kidding here, either.)

  3. The equivalent of pouring out perfectly good Russian vodka that you already paid for. I am sure Putin is quaking in his boots.

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