There was a time when a military officer fucked up this much he would literally fall on his sword to regain his honor.

Now, they fuck off into a high six-figure lobbying job at a defense contractor.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Give this man a sword”
  1. That question is about two months too late.

    Afghanistan has fallen, that is everything except the Panjshir Valley, which was the only spot the Taliban didn’t own in 2001.

  2. Some high official should out a pistol on his desk in front on him and walk out.

    Then again, most high officials also should save face by putting a bullet through it themselves.

  3. What is truly scary is that our best tech was left behind, and now is in the hands of the Chinese and Russians… And they don’t care… Hope you’re ready to fight them here, with them using OUR tech against us…

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