This commercial hit me on YouTube.  I don’t know what algorithm decided I needed to see it, but it’s wrong.

First of all, I will never have an Alexa or Echo or any other voice activated smart device.  Sorry, but I don’t like having some tech mogul eavesdropping on my house.

This is another commercial where dad is incompetent and without mom’s henpecking, he can’t do anything right.

But this one take that theme to the next insulting level.  Mom has to have her pre-programmed digital assistant henpeck dad.

Just look at him.  He looks like he doesn’t have a job.  It’s one thing to have a telecommuting job like consulting or software development, but there is no indication of that.  He just has that “I spend the whole day in sweatpants” look and glassy-eyed stare of the unemployed.

I don’t know much about his relationship but he’s been turned into such a spineless putz that when Alexa tells him to take the kid out in a downpour he does it.  He doesn’t even have the wherewithal to say “I’m not taking the kid out in the driving rain, that is stupid, ‘Alexa cancel the play date.'”

The most insulting part of this commercial is how Alexa has to remind him that “Laura loves him and [he’s] doing a great job.”

It’s the evening, where the fuck is Laura?

Probably getting pounded like a railroad spike by a non-beta male, while Alexa is telling her husband she loves him.

I’m just tired of the husband/dad is incompetent theme in commercials.

Imagine a commercial for a chain of auto parts stores that goes like this:

Wife says that she’s going to change the oil in her car to save some money.  Husband says “okay” and leaves.  He comes home an hour later and there is five quarts of old oil spilled out all over the driveway because wife used an old pie pan as a drain pan.  The oil filter is the wrong size and cross threaded.  Wife is poring Canola oil into the engine and says to her husband “I didn’t know what 5w30 meant so I got organic.”

Then the tagline of the commercial is “our associates can help anybody with the simplest maintenance task.”

That store would be bankrupt by the end of the day.

Yet no ad agency bats an eye at the idea of making hubby look worthless.

If the only way you know how to sell items to women is to make men into useless sacks of shit, fuck you.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Go to hell Alexa”
  1. “He just has that ‘I spend the whole day in sweatpants’ look and glassy-eyed stare of the unemployed.”

    In other words, a Californistan progtard soyboi. 😉

  2. Kewl. Im NOT alone in the world… i friggin hate these commercials. Yup every guy is a moron.
    If hes that dumb,what are YOU doin with him. And as far as alexa goes, i wonder if she screams when you blast it with a 12 gauge..

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