I never bought into Black Rifle Coffee.  I’m not much of a coffee drinker after zero dark o’clock in the morning, so I buy whatever is cheapest at Costco.

I did find their YouTube channel funny.

Now they decided to go woke and shit in their most dedicated consumer base.

Might as well be a gun company that donates to Everytown and takes photo-ops with Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg.

I hope they invested their money wisely because their business is gonna go broke.


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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “Go woke, go broke. Good bye Black Rifle Coffee.”
  1. I saw something similar over at Loose Rounds.

    I’ll be honest, so I won’t shrilly claim I used to drink their coffee but no longer will. I won’t say I was gonna go out and buy some but now won’t. Neither is true. In fact, 90% of the time my daily cup is brewed at home using Kawaii Coffee.

    I will say, though, this loses me as a potential customer, and I am going to forward to my next-door neighbors, who do drink their coffee. What they do is up to them, but I can guess – they’re strident gun-rights people.

  2. I always had a feeling it was a bit of a grifting company so I never bought any of it. Glad to see them shooting themselves in the foot, but they’ll move on to the next grift.

  3. Really?

    I am not.

    The name of this company is designed to create a reaction, to make a scene. Anti gun people will talk about it because “scary black rifle!!!” and the pro gun people will buy it because of a false sense that the company’s name makes them gun guys.

    The company was named for marketing purposes. Any claims otherwise on the part of the owners is also marketing. And, now the marketing is telling them that Seattle liberals drink more of their coffee than the folks that frequent the range regularly. So, marketing…

    1. Well, sure, it’s marketing. But it’s also lying.

      One can successfully argue that that’s a continuum, not a sharp line. However, somewhat like pornography, I think people tend to know when the marketing trends into calculated deceit.

  4. I thought they were dicks years ago when they posted a dumb ass video with a hipster plus I buy whatever coffee is on sale at Winco. As with the NFL and the NBA I can’t boycott them any harder. Perhaps they should team up with David Hogg to co brand pillows and chamomile tea.

    1. We can’t boycott them any harder than not buying anything from them.

      However … if we have friends who drink BRC then we can make sure our friends know about this.

  5. BRCC has two roasts I thought were good – “Blackbeard’s Delight” and “Just Black”. The rest I thought were mediocre. This said, if you’re going to spend this type of money on coffee, then buy Deathwish Coffee. It’s far, far better than BRCC’s best, IMO. No idea what their political ideology is, and that’s a good thing.

  6. I was using their subscription service for a while but they missed too many delivery deadlines. I switched to coffeebeandirect.com. more options, lower costs and they deliver on time.

  7. I ordered from them long ago and the [product was so-so, but when I found that they had donated to the democrat party in the Obama elections and also they disrespected Kyle, I knew they were pieces of shyte, hiding behind the flag and the image of being great American vets. Bullshit. To Hell with them all

  8. And once again, Dunkin’ Donuts and Seven-Eleven prove themselves to be the superior choice for coffee. No fuss, no muss, no politics, no nonsense… Just a good cup of coffee at a decent price.

    1. We live in the land of Dunkin’. There are places around here where you can pull out of their parking lot and see the next Dunkin’ just down the road. It is our go to when out and need coffee.

      A number of years ago there was a big winter storm and I drove over a branch and punctured the cooling system. Got into a Dunkin parking lot called for a ride from a friend. Went inside to wait.

      Bought drinks for my wife and I. Noticed that the electrical crews were stopping to get coffee. I bought half dozen “box of Joe” for them. Ie. If a crew came through their coffee was paid for.

      Still waiting for ride an hour later and went to get new drinks for sure and myself. Manager refused our money.

      Good people

  9. “Racist Proud Boys” is how I know someone has done zero research and lives off MSM misinformation.

  10. Howdy campers,

    If you are looking to the NY Slimes for accurate and neutral reporting, especially with right-leaning people I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Get a friggin’ grip.

    So, I decided to read the entire piece in the NY Times (a former newspaper). After I threw up, I realized that BRCC and Hafer are not being represented fairly.

    The Rittenhouse “issue” was that, per the piece, the person that picked up Kyle from jail stopped at Bass Pro to get fresh clothes and bought a BRCC T shirt. Kyle was then photographed in said shirt. Hafer was asked if there was a business relationship between them and he said that there wasn’t.

    The “line in the sand” was in reference to one of the people who was in the Capitol on 1/6 who was wearing a BRCC cap. While the 1/6 event is clearly not as horrible as the Civil War (Right Joe?), I am empathetic with right-leaning people who wish to support the thousands of peaceful protesters while distancing themselves from the couple of hundred people who actually entered the building.

    As a person who was maligned in a WaPo article which resulted in my being asked to leave my synagogue, I’m not surprised that Hafer and friends were portrayed in the poorest light possible.

    After all of this, I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t have a stake in this.

    “You’d better think about the consequences of your actions.” Aretha Franklin. 8>)

    1. I’ve been given BRC coffee, and liked it very much. I don’t buy it because it’s too costly, but it was good.

      That said, I haven’t seen the full NYT article, but judging *purely* from Cheong’s tweet and the following Twitter comments, I’m having a hard time seeing a problem. People seem to be coming to conclusions that are wholly unsupported by Cheong’s excerpts.

      If someone has a link to greater detail it would be much appreciated.

      1. @tkdkerry: The entire piece is currently (12:25 Eastern) the top story on the Yahoo “news” page. No paywall.

    2. I certainly see your point.

      However, it’s one thing to say things like “This person or these people might be wearing something with our logo on it, but we’re not affiliated with them, and we don’t endorse their actions.”

      It’s another to say “These people are repugnant.” Especially when you’ve tried to build your brand by appealing to associations and attitudes often expressed by said groups and others like them.

  11. UPDATE- near as I can tell this was a nyt hit piece twisted(as usual) to put the hurt on BRCC. Time will tell …

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