By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Gonna be $6 per gallon by August”
  1. OPEC just announced they’re increasing production. So nice to be back to energy dependence, isn’t it?

  2. Awww….. look at those cute little polar bears. All fuzzy wuzzy, right up until they start stalking you for their next meal. (By the way, kind of surprised the leftists are trying to protect the polar bears, aren’t they white?)

    Have you ever seen ANWR? Not the pictures of the Brooks Range, but pictures of where the oil will be lifted? There is nothing scenic about it. It is bleak. Bleak in winter, and downright awful during the summer.

    The polar bears will be just fine, and so will the rest of the wildlife. Cancelling these leases does nothing except mindless virtue signaling.

    1. I saw a series of pics of “how humans are destroying the planet”. One pic was a dead polar bear. Apparently they would be immortal if it weren’t for human activity.

      The other pictures were either shopped, staged, the typical “see the plumes of steam! Don’t they look scary!”

    2. Ahh…you beat me to it. They always show flora, fauna, and polar bears. When in reality, it’s a moonscape. There’s no there there.

  3. Everything about this administration seems to be to pay back the corporate oligarchs and deep state benefactors. All while punishing flyover country and making sure they get the message that they only vote for the proper domestic terrori…sorry, political candidates, going forward.

  4. Some bright spots about Canadian and ND oil.

    Enbridge Pipelines announced they are re-starting replacement pipeline construction this week on Enbridge Line 3 across Northern Minnesota. They have been running lots of radio spots saying the Indian Tribes are happy (been paid off). It should finish this Fall barring any last minute injuctions.

    Last I heard, Governor Whitless in MI has not been able to shut down Enbridge Line 5 across the Mackinaw Straits. Something about Pipelines being under Federal Jurisdiction, not controlled by some power crazed loony state governor. Even worse, most of the Lime 5 oil actually flows BACK to Canada by Detroit, and shutting the pipeline would screw Ontario and Quebec.

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