Listen to this exchange from a Canadian radio talk show:

Keep in mind that Ben Philippe is, according to his Harper Collins biography, “born in Haiti and raised in Montreal, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University and an MFA in fiction and screenwriting from the Michener Center for Writers in Austin, Texas. He also teaches film studies and screenwriting at Barnard College.”

This would make him in the upper echelon of privileged people.

Teaching film studies at a $60,000 per year, private, liberal arts college in New York City is just like picking cotton.  The oppression that this man has experienced because of his skin color is unbelievable.

That is what has caused him to develop these feeling of racial resentment which manifest in genocidal fantasies.

So who in this exchange do you think the internet thinks is the bad person, the elite university professor and author who writes anti-white snuff porn or the Jewish radio host who is aghast by her guest’s desire to gas people?

If you guessed the Jewish radio host then you understand Lefty Twitter.

I should point out that it’s very telling to me that this man, with his MFA in fiction and screenwriting, turns to Game of Thrones and not any actual historical conflict for his fantasies.

Real racial wars are bloody business, not HBO bloody, but real bloody, and it’s clear he has no appreciation for it.

That is the one saving grace in all of this.  If he ever does get the opportunity to act on his fantasies, he will be drawing inspiration from overly long high-fantasy fiction, and his opponents will be drawing inspiration from guys in brushstroke short-shorts with FALs.   Then we’ll see who wins.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Guess who the internet says is the bad guy here”
  1. Yup. It WILL be messy, but prob only take a week depending on how many bbq breaks us short short wearin guys take…

    1. From your lips to God’s ears. But I doubt it will be that simple or quick. They’ve been training for this for years, and the best we’ve done to oppose them is a teenage life guard who’s awaiting trial for shooting their criminal shock troops. This is going to be messy, complicated, and drawn out. And a lot of our supposed allies are likely to abandon us the same way the world abandoned those guys in brushstroke short shorts with FALs

  2. In addition with Mr. Philippe’s thought experiment before them, the Rhodesia LARPers (no slam. My OFWG self may be among them, Ghawd forbid!) will realize that THEIR alternatives are victory, or death.

    Sun Tzu, call your office!

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