From the NY Post:

Williams, 45, allegedly fired into a marked NYPD van near the corner of Simpson and Fox streets around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, grazing the neck and chin of one of the two officers seated inside, authorities have said.

But while cops were flooding the scene of the attempted murder of their fellow Finest, Williams didn’t flee — he casually strolled into Hunts Point Chinese Restaurant on Southern Boulevard, less than 150 yards away.

Shooting number one.

Less than 12 hours later, Williams had breakfast and allegedly unleashed a second round of hell at the area’s 41st Precinct station house, according to authorities.

He walked into the cop shop and allegedly opened fire with his 9mm SIG Sauer, striking a lieutenant in the upper left arm before running out of ammo and surrendering, police said.

Shooting number two, less than 12 hours later.  First he targeted a police van, then a police station.

Even in custody, Williams — described by NYPD officials as a “career criminal” convicted in 2002 of attempted murder — continued to spew anti-police rhetoric, vowing from his hospital bed to shoot another cop if he gets the chance, according to prosecutors.

A career criminal with at least one felony conviction.  I wonder how he got his gun?  I’m sure he didn’t have a permit or go through a background check to get it.

That threat was revealed at Williams’ arraignment Monday, when he was ordered to be held without bail in the face of 13 counts of attempted murder.

I’m sure that is just a fluke.  I have a feeling a judge will release him without bail in the next couple of days.

New York gun laws are notoriously strict.  Michael Bloomberg is running for President to make those gun laws the national standard.  Yet those same laws couldn’t stop one prohibited person from getting a gun and shooting at cops, twice.

Maybe someone should ask him about that at a town hall.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Gun laws in NYC useless at stopping ambush shooting of police”
  1. “Iron Pipeline” …. “gun show loophole”…. “UBC’s”…. “Safe Storage”… All the laws and lame excuses that have failed everywhere else.

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