Dumb people thinking they are doing some righteous job screw around somebody not only armed with a gun but actually shooting it. These are people who fear no pain not because they have some of superpower but because they have never faced or understood pain and neither have actually seen violent death happening in front of them. In their little minds, they are above the shooters and superior to the inferior cast who is anybody but them, anybody who does not commune 100% with their belief system.

They all walked free of harm and with the ability to scream their bull crap because the shooters were actually polite enough not to fill their surgical sculpted asses with #6 birdshot and sent them home to their wine and Xanax.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Gun owners are so evil and violent.”
  1. They’re wearing masks outdoors in the sun. Brilliant.

    Perhaps we should adopt another gun safety rule: if you are trying to shoot and someone is waving a backpack by your muzzle, shoot it. 😉

  2. Would have been funny if some had ended up going for a swim….. oops, splash, sorry, I slipped when you were in front of me. Good example of REALLY stupid people trying to act intelligent…

  3. When I see people like that I can’t help but wonder what a woman on a wagon on a trail West, through the hardships and dangers they faced, would think, hearing the disconnected from reality modern fools ranting. The guys who they were harassing demonstrated more self control than I wanted them to.

  4. That woman waved her backpack in front of his muzzle while he was shooting.

    Her hand got really close to the muzzle.

    How dumb are these people?

    Of course if one ended up stumpy because of a stupid act like that you know it would be all his fault.

  5. Ok, but let’s think about this a little differently.

    This is a private golf course? Then why didn’t they close it for a day or two (or even just an afternoon) while these professionals took care of the birds? No need to have the public there. And if those protesting are not members, then it’s trespassing. The closure itself is simply a matter of safety. How many times on a gun range has someone stupidly walked downrange during a “range hot” moment (I’ve seen it multiple times, stupid stupid stupid). So close the golf course to keep people from being down-range.

    If the course is inside city limits, then most places have ordnances against firing guns inside city limits. Thus you’d need a special permit. Which means you’d have to notify the po-po in advance. Why not take the extra step and have one or two off-duty cops there as security during the bird control. Not only to handle this, but also any of the you-know-there’s-going-be-911-calls whenever someone hears a gunshot in town.

    Yes the protestors are out of line. But they (the hunters, the golf course owners) could have taken reasonable precautions to prevent this with just a little planning. If someone was shooting in the green area behind my neighborhood, I’d want to know why pretty quickly too.

    1. Yep, by all means, blame the golf course bosses(they’re to stupid to know the law), blame the cops (they don’t do their job correctly anyway), blame the shooters (they’re just moronic gun owners), blame the neighbors (to stupid to call 911), and of course nobody told anybody that the shooting was going to endanger the entire county. Yep, that’ll work. So many stupid people, so little time.

  6. The guy shooting by the edge of the water when the protester ran up?

    I am really surprised that he didn’t accidentally knock her in. Startled, spinning around to keep the gun away, and then accidentally backing into her, “Splash!”

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