Right after the conference dinner there will be several activities for those bloggers and podcasters interested in participating.

8:00 PM. Meeting at McCoy’s Bar & Grill for drinks & Jägermeister shots downing competition. Whomever passes out first, pays the bill.

9:30 PM. Counter Carjacking Tactics. This will be taught if we can stea..ahem..borrow one of those electric service carts. Bring your own Nerf Gun. LOCATION: Jet Blue counter.

10:25 PM. Make improvised explosives with items found at Taco Bell. Redundant but still an interesting class. LOCATION: Food Court.

11:35 PM. Can you make a Backscatter X-Ray machine go into critical mass? Hands-on seminar. Location: Secured entrance for gates 30-59.

00:35 AM. Evasion techniques from both Local and Federal LEOs. LOCATION: All over the place.

01:40 AM. The Miranda Warning: what works and what you should know. LOCATION: TBD

03:50. AM. Making Bail: Selecting an understanding bail bondsman. LOCATION: Unknown.

05:00. Vegan hangover recovery techniques. LOCATION: Starbucks at Food Court.

I will update as needed.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Gun Rights Policy Conference Saturday Night events.”
  1. Yeah, about that 03:50 time. You might want to change that to:

    08:30 (That’s when fed court opens) FBI brings participants to US Marshals office at Fed Court in down town Orlando for processing into fed system.

    14:00 (if you are lucky. It could be later) Arraignment and detention (bond) hearing. Bondsmen are NOT used in fed court so have some family/GOOD friends show up as co-signer on your bond!

    15:00 Out the front door of fed building. Trying to figure out how to get a ride back to the convention. See, when the feds bust you and IF you bond out, they don’t drive you BACK!

  2. “00:35 AM. Evasion techniques from both Local and Federal LEOs. LOCATION: All over the place.”

    and that’s where I lost it. Too funny.

  3. Great stuff.

    On a serious note, you cannot carry a gun at this conference. Florida has only a few places you cannot carry, and the airport is one of them. The hotel is in the airport (stayed there many times), and no CCW allowed anywhere in the place.

    Wish SAF would send a note of warning to folks…

  4. I’m glad someone finally brought light to this and chased it down, en masse. I brought it up a few times via email and didn’t hear a conclusion.

    I’ve stayed at that hotel a couple of times (live part-time in Florida and I work both coasts) and in the past they made clear to me that carrying could send me to jail. This also applied to storing guns overnight in my room the night before a flight. Answer at that time was, “We got a lockup downstairs for firearms so that you won’t be breaking the law.”

    The change is welcome. I talked to them last month and was again told, “don’t try it.”

    Today I called and the security manager spent about ten minutes finding an answer before saying it was kosher in the hotel but not the terminal. Also, he brought up the downstairs lockup. This is a definite (positive) policy change.

    Would not be surprised to find that GRPC, last year’s state preemption reinforcement and the fact that about half a dozen premier gun-rights litigators were sowing up made them “err” in favor of the gun rights. I call that winning.

    The irony here is that I won’t be carrying. I was more concerned about issues for others. I don’t feel like checking a bag. Besides, with all the gun carriers around me, I think I’ll be safe… 😉

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