Gun Saving Event: Machete-Weilding man gets stopped

Witnesses said the man went outside, grabbed the machete from his car and started chasing someone around in the parking lot while wielding the broad blade.
It was then that, witnesses said, another patron, pulled out a gun.
“All of a sudden, I hear four gunshots,” said DeBortolli.

Witnesses said the gunman then put his weapon on the ground and calmly waited for police.

Machete-wielding man shot dead outside Coral Springs bar

Poor victim selection by the attacker and the shooter followed proper post-shooting procedure. Although this particular article mentions him as a patron of the locale, others simply state that he was outside in a group and that he was cooperative with police, except the Miami Herald with such an sparsely written article you’d think somebody just shot the guy because he had a machete and doing nothing else.


Area residents were troubled by the violent chain of events.
“Shocked, like, it baffles me that this actually can happen here,” said Coral Springs resident Angel Jean, “because I’ve lived here for roughly two years now, and I’ve never had anything with guns, violence, nothing.”
“In Coral Springs, I was like, you never hear gunshots in Coral Springs,” said DeBortolli.

This is sad but you must realize people still believe that nothing bad will ever happen where they live. My neighborhood is damned quiet, but we do not stop from being careful and taking the proper precautions. Don’t get charmed with the song of “Nothing Never Happens Here.”

PS: Yes, I still hate machetes.

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