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As my readers know I have just returned from a spectacular trip to Greece. I can’t say enough about the beauty and the antiquities, the food, the color of the water, the open and friendly Greek people who will go out of their way to make your visit good and comfortable and more. But then the guy in this photo came along and sat down at the restaurant where we were eating. Talk about your “ugly American.” Could he have been any more offensive? He was surrounded by beauty and friendly Greeks. Why in God’s name did he need to wear a t-shirt like this? When you travel in Greece, you are not there to make a point about guns

via Common Gunsense A blog to advocate for sensible gun legislation: Disgusting and offensive “gun guys” bring their extremism on travels.

I will grant you that the message on itself is a wee bit offensive, but I still have not figured how Joan made the guy as American or how he managed to carry a gun in a country that has such strict Gun Control Laws. Maybe the NRA has such power that it bypasses local laws and the members get to carry all sorts of weaponry anywhere in the world. I guess this guy had a Bradley Fighting Vehicle just parked outside the eatery.

I do love her waxing about the peace and quiet of Greece admitting that yes, there might be an uptick on some criminal activity according to the State Department (The same one that brought us “They don’t need back up in Benghazi”) going as far as saying that “Police have also reported a significant increase in burglaries of both occupied and unoccupied homes and apartments.” Great, I feel better now. And I also imagine that the Greeks stopped all riots because she was in town and did not want her to be bothered during her stay.

As usual, Joanne is so full of Stygian κοπριά even Heracles could not deal with it.

Hat tip to Bryan K.

UPDATE: Mike V’s Corner found the T-Shirt…..in Australia.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

45 thoughts on “Gun T-Shirt ruins Japete’s Vacation (UPDATED)”
  1. Okay, I think that shirt is profane and not suitable for wear in public.

    Still… I giggled like a little girl. And I want that shirt.

    1. Its like an AR 15 shirt says. Why do I need an AR 15? Fuck you! Thats why. Same can be said with this shirt. Id wear it too just to fuck with you liberals weak minds. LOL 🙂

  2. My experience in Europe taught me that locals LOVE clothing with English messages on them. They often have no clue what it says.

  3. I wonder if she talked to this guy. The use of the word “Cunt” on it makes me suspect it might be a British Citizen who is more likely to use that word than an American.

    In the UK “Cunt” is more synonymous with “Asshole” and is, like that word here, only mildly offensive. Here in the US its an EXTREMELY offensive word used only for women.

    Even the most crass Threeper who bloviates about shooting people wouldn’t DARE claim they’re interested in shooting women.

    1. In Britain the image of the Glock would likely be more offensive than the word cunt is in America.

      As per Nathan, the shirt appears to have originated in Hong Kong, with a previous wearer sighting in Perth.

      Evidence suggests the wearer is an Aussie.

      1. And an Aussie’s lingo, IIRC, is likely to be more British-derived than American, lending credence to Weer’d’s point about the “C-word” being less offensive there than here.

        Still, it’s a *bloody* shame I couldn’t see the look on her face….

  4. I have found that in Asian countries at least, shirts depicting Glocks are quite popular with the locals. I haven’t figured out why. The first question on my mind as well was how did she know he was American? My guess is she made an assumption based on her own desire to demonize gun owners.

  5. Shit….. profane, disgusting, offensive and down wright embracing to all decent people including gun owners, especially gun owners, not to mention women.

    I would have spilled hot coffee on his back….oops, sorry.

  6. From Wikipedia so grain salt advisory:

    ” the Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English states that [cunt] is “a despicable man”. When used with a positive qualifier (good, funny, clever, etc.) in Britain, New Zealand and Australia, it can convey a positive sense of the object or person referred to.”

    1. Yep, I can see a crass shirt in America saying “When you positively have to shoot an Asshole/Bastard”

      Per Miguel Lingo Mano-a-Mano. Macho talk.

      Now “When you positively have to shoot a BITCH” witch downright sounds cowardly.

  7. peterless would have been really teeth gnashingly whiney if he’d seen the one I want to get. Forget the exact wording but it’s a black and white Tee like the one in the photo above. except this one is of people being herded…the caption is along the lines of}
    Why Gun Control? Because it’s easier to herd you into the cattle car if you can’t shoot back

    1. I don’t like Joan Peterson any more than you do, but your sexually-based insults fall extremely flat for two reasons: one, they’re unbelievably childish and sexist; and two, Joan Peterson is a woman.

  8. The fact that a frickin’ T-SHIRT caused her enough mental anguish to lose some of the enjoyment of her vacation – especially in a place with so much else to see and write about – says two things:
    1. She’s probably far more imbalanced than we thought.
    2. We truly are living rent-free in her headspace.

    As a comparison, I wore a pro-Second-Amendment T-shirt on a recent trip – to California, of all places – and all comments about it were positive and supportive. Most people, if they noticed at all, just didn’t care. It’s a shirt; no big deal.

    That she has a nervous breakdown over a shirt shouldn’t be surprising, but she overreacts to anything even remotely gun-related. It’d be sad if schadenfreude weren’t a thing.

  9. I asked her how she was sure he was an American given the chances of an American having permission to carry in Greece was slim. I am sure she is going to answer me soon although it has been over 36 hours since I asked. After all, she never ignores us when we ask how she came to one of her dingbat conclusions.

  10. If you’ve had the mis-fortune to look at some of her old posts you’ll notice that she goes on vacation to foreign countries and then blogs about their gun laws! I’m sorry but that wing-nut is totally off her rocker. She can even take a trip to the zoo (really) and twist gun control into it. Then there was the time she was apologizing for going away for a week and not being able to blog. She was worried that “gun crime” would go up and she wouldn’t be able to do anything prevent it!

    I really would like to meet this wombats husband. Must be a sniveling mound of warm Jello!

  11. […] Gun T-Shirt ruines Joan Peterson’s vacation, and it looks like the Ugly American may be an ugl…. Yes, it’s an offensive T-shirt I think someone would have to be a jerk to wear, but usage is different in other cultures, and someone noticed this looked like non-American usage of the c-word. Don’t let your bigotry get the better of you on vacation! […]

  12. I like to wear my gunwalker T shirt. It gets some great comments. It says;

    “Am I the only person on the planet
    that didn’t get guns from the ATF?”

    I should have bought a few of them while he had them in fat guy sizes.

    Joan is bat shit crazy. Everything, no matter how trivial, ties into gun control. She’s spent the last 20 years beating gun owners with the dead corpse of her sister. I’m sorry her sister was murdered by a whack job that was one step away from prison, but I didn’t do it. Since I am innocent of that crime and any others, I don’t need to be punished.

    I noticed that she will answer comments that she hasn’t posted. That in itself is just weird. I don’t comment on her blog. I’d probably just get banned. Since there was a idiot today that shot a teacher and killed his self at a school, I’m sure we’ll hear all about how Wayne La Pierre personally delivered the gun to the shooter and how evil the NRA is.

    Recap from BSC* Joan’s;
    1. Guns are evil unless it’s a cop or military.
    2. Assault weapons are particularly evil, they shoot people all by themselves.
    3. The NRA is evil.
    4. Wayne La Pierre is evil and is arming our children.
    5. Because my sister was murdered.
    6. Law abiding gun owners are, until they aren’t.
    7. We own rifles for hunting, so we don’t believe in banning guns.
    8. All guns we don’t like should be banned.
    9. The people should only be allowed to own single shot shotguns and 22’s.
    10. Because I said so.

    * Bat shit crazy.

    1. “I noticed that she will answer comments that she hasn’t posted.”

      What she does is post the comment, answer it, post the counter, answer it, and when countered again get mad at the commenter for not simply agreeing with her and delete their posts, leaving her answers hanging in space.

      1. Yeah, she does that too. It doesn’t matter how correct the poster is, they are wrong and she is right. I love to read the comments for the comic relief.

        1. The answers are the only part worth reading. I love to watch someone make a reasoned rational statement and her make some crazy irrelevant reply.

  13. Had to make a liveJournal account just to post on Joan’s site.

    I did not confront her or go all pro gun on her, just asked if she had spoken to the guy or got close enough to hear an accent. I then explained like you guys above that for Britts and Aussies C-word is mild to medium offensive, not extremely offensive like in the US, that it’s level of offensiveness is due to cultural use.

    The post button blanks the text box, but nothing else happens, I assume it goes into a holding pen while Joan decides if it meets her blog standards (ie zero alternate views)

    Any odds on it being posted? Odds of me getting blocked / banned?

    I’m betting that IF she posts it she will have a retort along the lines of other countries and cultures need to be more sensitive, i.e. bow and change to her beliefs.

    1. I gave her the same info about the use of the “C” word and that the owner might be Brit or Aussie. I also asked if she had talked to the guy.

      She didn’t post it.

      Didn’t even comment.

      But what else do we expect with her dishonesty?

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