From the Miami Herald:

Florida politician shoots intruder on the run from cops, police say

Well then…

A Palmetto city commissioner shot a man in self-defense after that man broke into his home after crashing into his neighbor’s house while fleeing from a traffic stop, according to police.

I don’t know this commissioner, but I like him already.

At about 10 p.m. Thursday, Palmetto police officers spotted Vasquez-Perez driving recklessly, thought he was impaired and attempted to pull him over, according to Chief of Police Scott Tyler.

“He was lawfully defending home and family,” Police Chief Scott Tyler said.

I know that police generally treat local politicians with kid gloves, but this seems pretty cut and dry.

Officers attempted to pull over Vasquez-Perez about 10 p.m. Thursday after they spotted him driving recklessly and suspected he was impaired, police said. Vasquez-Perez sped off, crashed into a home in Palmetto and fled the scene with another passenger.

Cops caught the passenger a short time later, but Vasquez-Perez was able to get away and climbed a fence leading to Williams’ backyard.

Williams, armed with a gun, confronted Vasquez-Perez in his garage. The suspect attempted to push past and punch Williams, who then pulled the trigger, striking Vasquez-Perez twice.

Vasquez-Perez was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover from his wounds. He faces charges of resisting arrest without violence, burglary and battery and traffic citations.

“I am glad that everything turned out the way it did. I guess he is doing OK and we are happy and glad that no one in my family was hurt,” Williams said about the incident, according to the Miami Herald.

Williams will not face charges in the incident because he acted in self-defense, police said.

This is why you don’t go breaking into homes in Florida.

Also, maybe someone should convince Mr. Williams to run against one of these anti-gun politicians in the state legislature.  We could used a few more people who really understand the importance of gun rights in the FL legislature.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Gunshine state city commissioner”
  1. It’s a shame Mr. Williams didn’t place his shots a little better. Now the perp can, and will, continue to break the law and maybe cost someone their life.

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