8 Replies to “Guttenberg v. Kavanaugh: a prepped media ambush.”

  1. Something else that’s striking me as especially odd is the whole where was security? There’s no one else getting up in the background. No one else approaching Kavanaugh.

    It really looks like one rando gets up and approaches the future Supreme Court Justice unobstructed.

  2. He walked up behind Kavanaugh, then security cut him off. Whoever gave him a pass to get into the room should be censured by the Senate.

    Honestly — any congresscritter who gives a pass to someone who interrupts a hearing should have their ability to give out passes revoked for the rest of their term. No more clown shows.

  3. I saw a comment on a gun blog that basically said “Kavanaugh will never forget the hatred and insanity the left has shown him and his family during these hearings in his many years to come as a Supreme Court Justice”. This stunt will be no exception. Since he is almost definitely going to be confirmed, the Democrats will come to rue the day they tried to destroy a man who will likely be ruling against many of the things they hold dear.

    1. I always thought that the Insane Over the Top Democrat Resistance completely messed up on November 9, 2016.

      If they even thought slightly strategically, I really think they could have coopted President Donald Trump early in his administration. The mercenary GOP Establishment refused to work with Trump, even after his election dragged many of them to electoral victory. By Democrats reaching out to PDT, they could have “made a deal” with the dealmaker to preserve much of Obamacare, Infrastructure, and other Trump Campaign Promises. At the same time, they would have been able to split Trump from his base, many of which would think his dealings with Democrats were a betrayal of their support.

      President Trump wants to do things. If the Democrats had reached out, they would have been able to make deals with the Worlds Greatest Dealmaker. Remember, this man spent seventy years in the liberal New York City, and still has many liberal leanings. Remember his first response on bump stocks? They might have destroyed the Republicans. Just like they did with Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger and the California Republican Party.

      Instead their irrational hate (combined with the NeverTrumper derision of the feckless GOP Establishment) drove him deep into arms of the Conservative Republicans. President Trump knows who is his base, and won’t be fooled. He is working with us to MAGA.

      Best of all, IT IS WORKING!!! Employment, regulations, economic growth, trade deals, it has been a conservative smogasbord of accomplishments.

      PDT is lucky in his selection of enemies.

    2. Either that or Kavanaugh will bunny down because of the ongoing hatred and threats directed at his family.
      Remember, once we thought Roberts would be a good guy too.

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