Stab to the upper chest at a downward angle, probably hit the aorta.  Guy was down in 10 seconds.

Two lessons.

One: don’t get close enough to people in an aggressive situation where you can’t see their hands and have no time to react.

Two: a knife is a lethal weapon and you should have the right to defend yourself from a man with a knife with lethal force.

It’s not wrong or unfair to shoot a man with a knife when a man with a knife can put you in the grave in 10 seconds.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “He went down fast from a single stab with a knife”
  1. Tueller drill. Without 3 seconds of stand off.

    THAT is why you get off the x, rather than chest bump.

    1. Dangit. Beat me to it. Get a rubber knife and a blue training pistol. WITH the awareness the drill is taking place, watch how much fumbling you have to do with a concealed holster with a retention snap under a t-shirt with a guy starting from 20 feet away. Sticky sticky happens quicky.

      1. @Dirk Diggler: Are you here from The Truth About Guns? If so, I haven’t seen your comments in a long time. (Get it?) If not, sorry about that. 8>)

  2. 8.02 seconds (according to Miguel). And that was probably hitting the aorta and bleeding out internally.

    If the knife had actually punctured the heart, it would have been even faster. Maybe half that time.

    For us who carry, the lesson goes both ways. Think of the Tueller “21-foot” Drill. Imagine you’ve drawn and placed two center-mass shots … and your bad guy could still have 4-10 seconds active before he goes and stays down.

    We can talk about how quickly someone collapses from a heart/aorta wound, but we should also talk about how much damage a motivated, knife-wielding attacker — who now has literally nothing else to lose — can do after he’s been shot, even center-mass.

    Food for thought.

    1. That’s why, when the shooting starts, it doesn’t STOP until the perp STOPS. Stops moving and breathing.

      1. Shooting doesn’t stop until the perp stops moving aggressively. If they retreat, fine. If they drop and/or stop advancing, also fine. I don’t care if they’re still breathing — if they are, good for them.

        I only care that they’re no longer threatening me and mine.

    1. Can’t remember which movie, but as the guy said, “I don’t go looking for trouble, but trouble seems to know where to find me most of the time.”

      (No, it wasn’t Harry Potter. This was WAY before that.)

      You can avoid the “dangerous places”, but danger doesn’t always stay confined there.

  3. Probably the subclavian artery right behind the collar bone. There may or may not be spray – the video is not clear and his shirt may be in the way.

  4. Pictured: why knives scare the bejesus out of me.

    Even shots on the guy probably wouldn’t have been enough to stop him quick enough.

    There is a vid of a dude shooting himself on the heart point blank and he stands around for like 30 second before his body finally quits. Contrast that to this vid

    1. RE: “why knives scare the bejesus out of me.”

      I had a martial arts teacher with whom I disagreed on a LOT of topics — including, ironically, self-defense mindset — but one thing he said struck me as true and stuck with me for years. It applies here, in the context of, “Why shoot a man who only has a knife?”

      Paraphrased: Let’s say you train in martial arts or self-defense for years, and you get to where you can block/parry at the astonishingly high rate of 80%. Against a guy with a knife, that means you still get cut 20% of the time.

      (Try it yourself. Get a friend or three, some cheap white T-shirts, and a few red markers to use as “knives”. Go at it. Try out any “weapon defense” techniques you know. I promise, in the end nobody’s shirt will still be white.)

      I’d add, if you’re in a knife fight, they won’t be little boo-boos, either. The other guy means to cause as much damage as he can, so they will be deep, disfiguring, and debilitating. If you survive, you will almost certainly need stitches, staples, reconstructive surgery, etc., and will carry the scars for life. And that’s assuming they don’t cut tendons or ligaments and rob you of physical mobility.

      So I agree: As much as I love knives, as offensive weapons they scare the ever-loving crap out of me, too.

      Somebody comes at me or mine with a knife, and it won’t be my job to make sure it’s a “fair fight”. No, it’ll be my job to stop that s#!t as quick as possible. Period. Full stop. “Fair” is for sports competitions, not life-and-death violent conflicts.

      1. That is precisely why I say, no one ever wins in a knife fight. If you are engaged in one, expect to get cut. Period.

        I think part of what you are describing is the violence of action a knife has.

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