I am still trying t figure the strategy out. Do liberals really think they will be able to control people without an effective Police department? Even in their most deranged fantasies they have to know they will require some sort of strong presence to impose “peace upon the land.” Are they expecting blind obedience from the Military? Lord knows the Obama administration did copy the best practices of Socialism by weakening a strong Military leadership and leaving behind the politically faithful, but this is not Venezuela or Cuba where subordinate blind obedience is tied to food availability, but a Military who has a history of flipping the bird even at the cost of half a million soldiers. Generals may want to rub elbows with the political hoity toity, but noncom snipers have no urge to participate in the champagne circuit unless they can shoot the bottles (and other things) at 500 yards.

My guess is Liberals want a defining event, a riot so big, people will demand for Government to intervene and Bill of Rights be damned. This has worked in other places and they believe it will work too here in the US… and they are very partially right. In a city like NY? Hell yes! After 3 ot 4 days of rampant crazy and New Yorkers unable to go to the corner sushi place for meals, they will burn the Constitution if they can get their power back and a hot cup of overpriced coffee. Boston? About the same and also D.C. Pittsburg? Not so much, and the farther outside the circle of the major Liberal metropolis, the least the unrest will survive. Antifa or goons on the loose in Miami-Dade county?  It would be an argument between cops and civilians to see who gets to shoot them and dump them in the Everglades to feed the critters. Bitch, we flip the finger to Hurricanes and looters after, Do you think waving a communist flag and breaking windows was a good idea?  You wanted to play The Purge? We have people here who have actually survived real purges by communists. You are a cute street parade in comparison.

And I am sure the similar versions will apply in many locations across the US.

And then it will  be our turn to show Liberals how purges are made.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “Heading for a societal breakdown”
  1. I’m scared that they will discover Bracken and use his novels as instruction manuals, like they try to do with 1984.
    One example: if you run the economy into the ground first, as Warren is aiming to do, then you can make government employees — like soldiers — dependent on the government for their daily bread, and thus more likely to follow orders. And if you assume that you can disarm civilians somehow, it doesn’t matter if you had to replace the real soldiers by puppet Antifa recruits, they’d be the only ones with weapons.
    Ok, so there are a few loose ends in that “reasoning”, but that might well be the sort of picture they are working with.

  2. We put more thought into it than they do. Far more thought.

    It’s fun to think that there’s some sort of Master Plan, overseen by a Cabal of Sinister Chess Masters, but all of their Rules for Radical Propaganda aside, they aren’t that smart. They aren’t all that in control, either, and they are losing a lot of the control that they have historically had.

    Even a lot of the Left is getting sick of the incessant woke whining and holier than thou virtue signaling.

  3. What we should do is find out who is trying to push us towards a civil war. There are the usual suspects:soros et al. Then we have to target those people first using Alinsky’s rules. Though shaming and exposing probably won’t make them stop it will send a message that we are watching and Rule 308 can and will be invoked as needed

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