There is no way that those people can pay that back.

There will be outrage if these people are ever evicted.  Any sheriffs or police who try to carry out an eviction will be met by a mob.

The landlords will default on their mortgages and go bankrupt.

The rental market in America’s urban areas will implode as people won’t leave apartments they don’t pay for.

The fix will be the government obtaining these properties from the banks on the cheap, effectively nationalizing apartment rentals in big cities.

From there you can only imagine other people wanting their apartments nationalized so they can pay lower government rates instead of higher for-profit rates.

I expect the Squad to put out a bill to nationalize these apartments so people never get evicted in the next couple of weeks.

We will have gone from the strongest economy in a generation to Khrushchyovka in a year because of COVID.

How did America become the Soviet Union, slowly first, then all at once.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Here comes the collapse of the rental market and beginning of nationalized rentals”
  1. Typical leftist.

    Instead of addressing the root cause of the problem, they instead focus on alleviating the symptoms, without regard to the actual problem at hand.

  2. So I was just told about how COVID is affecting a local manufacturing company.

    The Covid protocols require that people that are “exposed” to covid quarantine for two weeks. When the company has sent an employee home for quarantine, they were still paying them.

    So many of the employees (all but a very few) just accidentally happened to become exposed when they wanted some time off. At which point they got two weeks of paid vacation.

    The entire policy of the dems right now seems to be of the “lets see how hard we can F them and how fast we can do it.”

    I certainly didn’t get months of free mortgage payments and I’m not getting $6000 dollars in payments that the bank eats.

    Every time I turn around it seems like I hear another story about how the person that made bad decisions has to be rescued at my expense while my good choices gain me nothing.

    The poor father that asked about “student loan forgiveness” where he had paid off his daughters student loans, would he get any of that money back?

  3. You left out the thousands in student loans they ‘can’t’ pay back. Nothing “one the cheap” about any of this; it is just abuse of government power – which won’t consolidate corporate owned apartment buildings, they’ll just wipe out the debt via Chapter 11 restructuring. Some ‘bastard’ capitalist that owns a couple of rental units, well he might get screwed. That’s just the left’s war on the middle class. Just like Lenin.

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