Here is a thought.

The size of our appliances is determined by the width of out home entrances and passageways. When we moved to this house, I did not recognize that principle and installed cabinetry where I should have not. I have to take down one sliding glass door later today so we can get our new fridge in the kitchen.



3 Replies to “Here is a thought.”

  1. No matter the size of the couch, it will barely fit through the apartment stairway. If it doesn’t, more beer will help attract enough muscle to make it work.

  2. It should be an “engineer” thing. In a previous house, I framed a new closet in an upstairs bedroom that lacked that amenity. I could have framed it from the back wall to the door, but I stopped it far enough back from the door to allow the door to open fully, so a mattress coming up the stairs could be brought into that bedroom and re-angled to get it down the hall to other bedrooms. Then I had to explain to my wife why the closet wasn’t as large as it “should have been.”

    It doesn’t take an ME or CE degree (mine’s EE), but it does require thinking “beyond stage one.”

    …and WallPhone’s comment about beer is spot on.

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