His earlier position was clearly anti-gun and anti-gun owner.

Then the NRA grew by 1 million new members and got record donations.

Now he realizes anti-gun activism only serves to sell guns to more people.

He is having to backpedal for CNN which created him just to stop the gun buying back lash he is responsible for.

That is telling.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Hogg may be seeing the writing on the wall”
  1. That’s Funny!

    Hogg and Pfather Pflakey were bestest friends just a few short weeks ago!
    Hoggs and Bloomberg’s bus tour started with a rally at St. Sabinas and Father Pfleger’s Chicago Church.

    I guess even a teenager knows how blocking freeways is bad for the cause?



  2. I was a member of the NRA. I joined the day after Obama was first elected. Then I was, shall we say, disappointed with some of the things that I saw the NRA doing. A few months ago, I joined the GOA to attempt to become more involved with fighting for my gun rights.
    Then a short time ago, I decided that the NRA was actually worthy of my support, after all. I just have to remember that if they do something that I don’t like, to contact my representative, and let them know, and try and make a difference that way. When I was a member of the NRA a few years ago, they had 5 million members, and now they have around 6 million members. I find that to be a fantastic thing, and I am trying to get even more people to join. There is strength in numbers.

  3. In his defense, when you are a child, you really believe all the bs that activists feed you. And he is just a child.

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