Another day, another vapid Tweet from David Hogg.

Hogg and I are both from South Florida.

I was a Jewish kid, who went to an Anglican high school with a student body that was half Catholic.

If this was Europe, I should have been in a ghetto, and my Anglican and Catholic friends wouldn’t be my friends, and their families would have been at war with one another for a few hundred years.

That fact that I’m an American at all, with all the rights and privileges thereof, and not something else because of some blood purity laws, goes against what my Grandparents cousins experienced in Germany and Poland three-quarters of a century ago.

I have black neighbors now in Alabama.  They are not being butchers or enslaved and forced to dig coltan by hand because of tribal allegiance.

Has America been perfect?  No, of course not.

But Hogg here has no idea how much better it has been in the US than anywhere else in the world and the same point in time.

This, like everything else he Tweets is historically illiterate.

Also, a Harvard student should know that the past tense of build it built.

Also, he can toss the salad all he wants, but he doesn’t speak for me on that topic.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Hogg proving once again he’s Harvard material”
  1. Clearly Harvard has trained him to their level – just look at how many syllables he uses, He has stepped up from ‘there i was ‘

  2. Jews in Europe don’t live in ghettos and haven’t for a long time. I don’t agree with Hogg on anything, but I feel that you’re ignoring a lot of American history in your desire to paint everything in America as rosy.

    1. Josefov, Brest, Lakvha, Pinsk, Minsk, Dzyatlava, Babruysk, Gomel, Le Marais, Avingnon, Urbino, Rome, Jodebreestraat, Sedgley Park… There are many ghettoes throughout Europe.

      There are also many ghettoes in the United States, too. Although, for obvious reasons, none are as old as those in Europe.

      It’s true that there are no longer laws confining them to these neighborhoods or laws forbidding them from living elsewhere. It’s also true that the populations of these ghettoes — now usually called something nicer sounding like “Jewish Quarter” or “Old Jewish Quarter” — aren’t exclusively Jewish anymore.

      But these are neighborhoods that have been home to Jewish culture for centuries. They have rich histories, deep cultural significance, and people are often proud to live in them… For fuck’s sake, Rembrandt lived in Jodebreestraat for thirty years! That’s kinda historically important. Josefov is home to Europe’s oldest continuously active synagogue (and, if you believe the legends, the golem is resting in the attic). That’s history.

      Ghetto isn’t a dirty word. Living in a ghetto isn’t a bad thing… Being forcibly confined to the ghetto is.

  3. Gee, I thought the goal was “diversity”, not a “melting pot”. Doesn’t “diversity” mean “segregation”? Obviously, I didn’t go to Harvard!

  4. Yes, I have little doubt that he wants to toss somebody’s salad. Steer clear of that lads, the drama would be unendurable. My palms itch to slap the face off him whenever I see his picture. He is so cocky and convinced of his moral superiority. The thought of him ever getting his hands on real power is truly frightening – totally sure of his own purity of heart, he would feel perfectly at ease torturing people who don’t conform to his more correct ethics and his knowledge that diversity is our strength etc, guns kill people, and other fallacies. Heaven help us.

  5. As the old saw says, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

    That seems particularly aimed at Hogg and others like him, who seem to think that because America isn’t perfect, that it’s just as bad as any third-world hell-hole.

    Sorry, kiddo, but that’s not how the real world works.

    [dons “waxing philosophical” hat]

    We’ve known for a while that the Left’s “violence” mechanism is like a knob covering a wide range of politically-motivated violence, while the Right’s mechanism is a two-setting switch: “Peace” and “Kill F#@$ing Everybody”.

    It seems that the Good/Bad indicators are the opposite: the Right has a scaled dial covering the full spectrum of “Good” and “Bad” and everything in between — America sits somewhere around 90% Good — while the Left has two lights labeled “Utopia” and “Worst. Country. Ever.”

    Of course, America isn’t a Leftist Utopia, so therefore it must be the Worst Country Ever. There are no other options.

    And once America is the Worst Country Ever, every failed Socialist state out there can’t be the Worst, so it makes sense they must be Utopias.

    Because there are no other options.

    It’s no wonder the Left is pissed off. Nothing is perfect, so therefore every single, tiny, little thing, no matter how inconsequential, must be the Worst. Thing. Ever.

    [doffs “waxing philosophical” hat]

    So now, since none of them are perfect, either, how do we get them to be as pissed off at each other as they are at us?

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