From Harvard student David Hogg:


Most Americans should just detest themselves because of the actions of ancestors they never met, centuries ago, who did things that were the norm for their era.

I, from the bottom of my heart, am sorry that my ancestors in the 1880’s chose to move to New York City, which was stolen from the Wecquaesgeeks in 1624, instead of being murdered in a pogrom under the Kaiser.  What should I do about it?

I know, tell Hogg to go fuck himself because this is stupid.

One would hope that at some point Harvard might tell him to shut the fuck up, because he’s embarrassing the school.  I doubt it, but I can still hope.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Hogg’s virtue signaling is getting worse”
  1. Wow Dave! Thanks for sharing.

    Tell you what. Please point to me any square inch of populated land on the surface of the earth where your tweet is not entirely accurate.


    1. It says something that as a history major at Harvard he learned nothing of the Norman invasion of England, the Franc conquest of Europe, the Moorish conquest of Spain, the Mongol Empire, the Roman conquest of Europe which was then overthrown by the Goths. The history of the world is conquest by one group or another.

      1. They don’t count cuz they’re not black or brown.
        Race is everything to these people, they just can’t admit it to themselves.

  2. Given his last name, I assume he’s part of that supposed majority. If so, the obvious question is “what are you going to do about it?” Or alternatively: “If you think that way about yourself, when are you planning to commit suicide?”

  3. I am descended from people who immigrated here to do the jobs that the natives wouldn’t do. We were just trying to make a better life for our families. No one is illegal. What are you, a racist?

  4. This idiot’s numbers are wrong, too. Americans are descended from a great many sources which cannot be accused of being illegal immigrants who committed genocide:
    a. Some are descendants of slaves (even more if you consider indentured servitude a form of slavery, which is is).
    b. Some were exiled political prisoners or just plain exiled criminals forced to come here.
    c. Many of us are descendants of American Indians
    d. Most are descendants of people who immigrated long after colonization and exploration and all that.

  5. “Dreamers” (“brown” folk, I guess) are okay here even though their parents broke the law, but “white folk” are wrong, because their g-g-etc-grandparents came here, mostly within the laws of the time?

  6. Yet, he’s not about to turn his cushy scholarship over to one of the approved victim groups. He’ll go on to loudly bemoan his “white privilege”, but isn’t going to give up whatever cushy future job he gets for an equally qualified minority. He’ll talk about income inequality, but will keep most of his paycheck.
    He’ll blather about colonialism, but isn’t about to surrender his fashionably located apartment or house.
    He’ll blather about the need for the green new deal, but will continue to travel around via carbon spewing transportation.

    Typical double standard Democrat.

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