This unbelievable Twitter conversation:

Holy fucking shit.

Readers may remember that in June my truck was broken into in a hotel parking lot.

They garbage who did it popped the window with a crowbar and damaged the window frame.  They had to replace the entire door.

I had to pay a $500 deductible for the repair and it took a month to get it fixed.  Not kidding.  COVID and stimulus checks meant the insurance company approved body shop was low on workers and had a backlog of cars to do.

So, 15 times is $7,500 in deductibles, assuming that your insurance company doesn’t drop your coverage, and six months to a year of combined time driving around with a window covered in plastic.

For a guy should makes $8 million per movie, paying out of pocket for a new door plus having the interior detailed is barely an inconvenience.  It’s a bigger hassle for his personal assistant who has to handle the paperwork and get Rogan limo service in the meantime.

For a working or middle-class person, it’s a massive pain in the ass.

And yes, it is a feeling of being violated.  Even if you don’t see your car as an extension of yourself, to have someone damage your property means they damaged you and the work you put into acquiring that property.

To say “yeah, some scumbag broke in to your car but thats just the local flavor of a big city” is an obscenity that can only be uttered by someone ridiculously rich and out of touch.

Maybe Rogan will feel differently if his mansion was hit by one of those 80 person Nordstrom looting mobs, a property crime proportional to his $8 miller per fim wealth as a broken car window is to person making $800 a week.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Hollywood Elites and anyone who defends big city crime can choke on a cat turd and go to hell”
  1. Seth Rogen has made a career out of playing a caricature “Everyman / Lovable Schlub” sort. But don’t be fooled for a second into thinking he’s got any idea what life is like for the average man. His performances aren’t homage, they’re mocking parody.

    Seth Rogen is a red diaper baby, who has himself described his parents as “radical socialists.” His father works for the socialist “jewish” NGO Workman’s Circle. His mother is a government bureaucrat (although she calls herself a “social worker”). Seth Rogen has been working as in the entertainment industry since he was twelve… he’s never had any other job.

  2. What this tells me is that Seth Rogan has no self respect, and would be a horrible neighbor in a disaster.

  3. Most of the Leftists are insulated enough that this sort of “inconvenience” is just that.

    As noted, such persons would probably feel differently if their home was looted (or whatever we’re supposed to call it).

  4. Well, I don’t live in a “big” city, but I do live in a city and not a crmie free one. I’ve lived in cities my entire adult life, including about 3 years in Memphis TN, which may not be LA, but it’s still a pretty big city and has a pretty impressive (not in a good way) crime rate.

    Over that time…about 40 years, I’ve had vehicles broken into twice. Once because my wife left her purse in there in plain view and once they tried (and failed) to pry the radio out of the dash…probably teenagers – they destroyed both the radio and the dash in the process. Destroying the stuff you’re trying to steal is probably not the best business model for thieves, so I assume they weren’t incredibly experienced at it.

    Anyway, if Seth Rogan, who undoubtedly lives and hangs out in better neighborhoods than I’ll ever be able to afford, has had his car broken into 15 “or so” times, I’d say that’s pretty much a hint that you live in a $h1thole of a city.

  5. Anyone whose car has been broken into 15 times is clearly no mastermind; he is a fool who is telling streetscum that they can consider him a target for bigger crimes, up close and personal.

  6. Like we needed this to confirm Seth Rogen is a complete fucktard.

    Anybody with his home address and license plates should doxx him, just for karma’s sake.

    Apparently getting jacked 15 times hasn’t been enough yet. It sounds like he needs a good beatdown or three to go with his next several home invasions.

    Hell, he probably needs three or four anyways, just on general principles.


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